Which Avocado Oil is Best for Hair?

Avocado oil is one of my favourite oils for treating dry and brittle hair. It also keeps hair soft and is one of those ideal oils for fine hair. I shared some of my best avocado oil recipes for hair …


Cooking with Avocado Oil

With a high smoking point and flavor profile, cooking with avocado oil is a no brainer. The cooking with oil series was launched some time ago. In the series, I go into detail about how to use different types of …


How Can I Use Avocado Oil for Skin?

In this article, I cover 3 different ways to use avocado oil for skin and the best brands of avocado oil for the skin. Avocado oil is pressed from the avocado fruit native to Mexico and California. The oil is …


The Best Natural Oils for Hair Steaming


Hair steaming is great for infusing moisture to your hair, keeping it soft, and helping other treatments work better. In order to get the best out of hair steaming, you also need to coat your strands with appropriate deep conditioning …


Shea Butter Benefits and Recipes for Hair

shea butter recipes for natural hair

Shea butter is very popular in hair care. Shea butter is a versatile butter that aids greatly with moisture retention. It is also used as an ingredient in lip gloss, body creams, moisturizers, and soap making.  Back home, we use …


Did You Know This About Oils?

Did you know this about natural oils

There are many different types of natural oils with many uses, which people utilize for several health, beauty and fitness reasons. Many of these natural oils have been featured on the website over the years.  However, there is quite a …


6 Benefits of Avocado Oil for Healthy Hair


Get the benefits of avocado oil for hair with these simple to recreate recipes that enhance softer and more manageable hair.   Avocados are one of the healthiest foods to eat. Full of heart-healthy fats and so delicious.    The …