8 Benefits of Calendula Oil for Skin

benefits of calendula oil for skin

Check out these 8 benefits of calendula oil for skin and how to incorporate it into your skincare regimen. Calendula oil is processed from the petals of the marigold plant by steam distillation. The Calendula plant is common throughout North …


The Best Natural Oils for Hair Steaming


Hair steaming is great for infusing moisture to your hair, keeping it soft, and helping other treatments work better. In order to get the best out of hair steaming, you also need to coat your strands with appropriate deep conditioning …


How to Make Your Own Calendula Oil – 2 Methods

calendular plant

Learn how to make your own calendula oil with these 2 easy methods plus I share how to use Calendula oil effectively for different scalp issues. I started the Calendula oil series with Eliminate Sore, Itchy, and Inflamed Scalp Issues with …