Karkar Oil Benefits and Uses

Karkar oil for hair growth

Karkar oil recently became popular with the introduction of chebe powder in the hair care market. Chebe powder originates from the Sahel tribe in Chad and is a great product for optimizing hair growth. I dedicated a few chapters to …


Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe – DIY Holiday Gifts

Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipe - DIY Holiday Gifts

Hot cocoa bombs, or hot chocolate bombs, have become a thing this year, and why not? They are delicious, pretty to look at, and deliver a delightful surprise when activated with hot milk. Hot cocoa bombs are suitable for just …


Chocolate Coffee Body Scrub Recipes


These chocolate coffee body scrub recipes are a perfect way to indulge yourself, relieve stress, and enjoy a spa treatment at home. We have all been more than a little stressed since the beginning of the pandemic plus lockdown! Why …


Which Avocado Oil is Best for Hair?

Avocado oil is one of my favourite oils for treating dry and brittle hair. It also keeps hair soft and is one of those ideal oils for fine hair. I shared some of my best avocado oil recipes for hair …


DIY Hand and Nail Care Tips During Quarantine

How are you doing so far? I’m on day 34 of quarantine but who’s counting? lol. I’ve found multiple ways to occupy myself and my time including updating my websites. I’m also catching up on my reading list and online …


How to Make Hand Sanitizer

As hand sanitizers are becoming scarcer than gremlins, now is the time to jump on the DIY train and make your own hand sanitizer. Washing your hands is best but in the absence of soap and water, hand sanitizer is …


How Do You Make Carrot Oil for Hair

 The previous article touched on the best carrot oil for hair growth as well as what to look out for in authentic carrot oil brands. Carrot oil is one of the best oils for hair breakage, strengthening hair and boosting …


Ultimate Oil Mix for Detangling after Taking Out Extensions

How to Detangle Matted Hair After Braids

Pre-poo mixes were discussed in 5 Ingredients for the Best Pre-Poo with Oils Ever and Soften, Detangle & Condition Dry Hair with this Moringa Oil Mask. This article is a bit more specific; focusing on a mix you can use to detangle hair after taking out braids or extensions using the method I recommended in How to Grow Your Hair Healthy & Long with Natural Oils.