Ultimate Oil Mix for Detangling after Taking Out Extensions

How to Detangle Matted Hair After Braids

Pre-poo mixes were discussed in 5 Ingredients for the Best Pre-Poo with Oils Ever and Soften, Detangle & Condition Dry Hair with this Moringa Oil Mask. This article is a bit more specific; focusing on a mix you can use to detangle hair after taking out braids or extensions using the method I recommended in How to Grow Your Hair Healthy & Long with Natural Oils.

The Best Natural Oils for Hair Steaming


Hair steaming is great for infusing moisture to your hair, keeping it soft, and helping other treatments work better. In order to get the best out of hair steaming, you also need to coat your strands with appropriate deep conditioning …


Shea Butter Benefits and Recipes for Hair

shea butter recipes for natural hair

Shea butter is very popular in hair care. Shea butter is a versatile butter that aids greatly with moisture retention. It is also used as an ingredient in lip gloss, body creams, moisturizers, and soap making.  Back home, we use …


How to Color Curly Hair with Henna and Indigo


I performed my henna treatment last weekend with henna and indigo followed by deep conditioning. During the week, I applied the mustard seed oil and henna mix recipe to my hair and scalp 3 times. I have been dyeing my hair with henna and indigo …


Did You Know This About Oils?

Did you know this about natural oils

There are many different types of natural oils with many uses, which people utilize for several health, beauty and fitness reasons. Many of these natural oils have been featured on the website over the years.  However, there is quite a …