Shea Butter Benefits and Recipes for Hair

shea butter recipes for natural hair

Shea butter is very popular in hair care. Shea butter is a versatile butter that aids greatly with moisture retention. It is also used as an ingredient in lip gloss, body creams, moisturizers, and soap making.  Back home, we use …


Enhance Shiny Hair with Shea Nut Oil

shea nut oil benefits for hair

Shea nut oil, a byproduct of shea butter, is one of the best oils for promoting shiny hair and helping hair stay moisturized for longer. It’s also one of the primary ingredients in Arewa Hair Styling Oil from Ade Ori …


Seal in Moisture and Colour with Hazelnut Oil

is hazelnut oil good for your hair

Seal in moisture on colored hair more effectively with these hazelnut oil recipes and learn the best hazelnut oil for hair. If you’ve ever experimented with coloring your hair, you know one of the challenges ladies face is keeping the …


Smoothen Out Dry Hair with Sunflower Oil


Get dry, frizzy hair soft and smooth with these sunflower oil treatments for hair. Sunflower oil also makes a great emollient for dry hair. I just love sunflowers. They’re so beautiful and bring a smile to my face for no …


Nourish Hair and Skin with Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose oil is one of the 3 ideal oils for hair care and beautiful skin. The other two are borage seed oil and blackcurrant seed oil. Read Dry Hair & Scalp Issues Addressed with Borage Seed Oil and Keep Hair Moisturised …