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Nourish Hair and Skin with Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose oil is one of the 3 ideal oils for hair care and beautiful skin. The other two are borage seed oil and blackcurrant seed oil.

Read Dry Hair & Scalp Issues Addressed with Borage Seed Oil and Keep Hair Moisturised From Inside With Blackcurrant Seed Oil for more on the other two perfect oils. 

How to nourish your hair and skin with evening primrose oil

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair 

Evening primrose oil is produced from the seed of the evening primrose plant aka Oenothera biennis.

The evening primrose plant is aka as cowslip, fever plant, king’s cure-all, night willow-herb, sun drop, and scabs.

The flowers of the plant open up only in the evening, hence the name. The plant is native to the USA but also grows in England and Germany, and parts of Asia.

All parts of the evening primrose plant are edible. The leaves are used as garnishing or decoration in dishes while the roots can be cooked. 

Evening Primrose Oil for Skin

Evening primrose oil is used for treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Taking primrose oil supplements can help reduce the effects of these conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil for Hair?

1. Evening Primrose Oil Improves Hair Texture

Like borage seed oil and blackcurrant seed oil, evening primrose oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which improves hair texture and elasticity. 

2. Evening Primrose Oil Eliminates Dry Hair

The essential fatty acids help nourish hair and revamp dry and crunchy hair with much-needed moisture. 

3. Evening Primrose Oil Soothes Scalp Inflammation

Evening primrose oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can soothe scalp irritation and inflammation, fostering an environment for healthier hair growth.

4. Evening Primrose Oil Balances Out Hormones

Adding an evening primrose oil supplement to your diet may help balance out your hormones internally and treat any hormone-related hair loss issues.

However, you should consult with your primary care physician before you start taking evening primrose oil supplements. 

How to Use Evening Primrose Oil for Hair

Evening Primrose Oil Hair Mask


Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Honey

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Honey


  • Mix all the ingredients together until well blended together
  • Apply to the length of your dry hair including your roots
  • Cover with a disposable shower cap and wrap a damp hot towel around your head
  • Leave on for 30 – 45 minutes then wash out with diluted mild shampoo and deep condition

If you would prefer to leave the evening primrose oil on your hair without shampooing out, use the recipe below instead. This recipe is particularly great for high porosity hair.

Evening Primrose Oil Scalp Treatment



  • Pour the evening primrose oil, grapeseed oil, and borage seed oil into the 2 oz bottle
  • Close and shake. You can also add 10 drops of lavender essential oil if you want

Use this scalp oil mix by applying to hair after applying your leave-in conditioner or massage into your scalp 3 times a week every evening. There’s no need to wash out the next morning. 

Best Evening Primrose Oil


Now Foods Evening Primrose Oil


Edens Garden Evening Primrose Oil

maple holistics evening primrose oil

Maple Holistics Evening Primrose Oil

Rejuvenative Foods Evening Primrose Oil

Rejuvenative Foods Evening Primrose Oil

Best Evening Primrose Oil Supplements

Evening primrose oil is also available in soft gel caps. The usual daily dosage for evening primrose oil is 500 mg 2 – 3 times. 

The most recommended soft gel forms are Spring Valley Evening Primrose OilSport’s Research Evening Primrose Oil, and Nature’s Way EFA Gold Evening Primrose Oil.

Spring Valley - Evening Primrose OilSpring Valley Evening Primrose Oil

Nature's Way Evening Primrose oil Nature’s Way EFA Gold Evening Primrose Oil

sports research evening primrose oil supplementsSports Research Evening Primrose Oil

You can start with the soft gels and then move on to the topical oil later on although research recommends the supplement form as being most effective. 

However, always consult with your physician before you start consuming supplements especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any health issues. 

Evening Primrose Oil Side Effects

Evening primrose oil can be taken safely for most people. However, in some instances, evening primrose oil side effects can include a mild case of upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, and headache.

Evening Primrose Oil Hair Products

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