Amaranth Oil Benefits

Amaranth oil benefits for hair

In this article, we go over amaranth oil benefits, what amaranth oil is good for, and some great amaranth oil recipes for hair. I will also be sharing some great amaranth grain recipes. It’s a really good grain to add …


16 Marula Oil Hair Products for Dry Hair

16 Marula Oil Hair Products for Dry and damaged Hair

Marula oil is derived from the exotic fruits of the marula tree found in South Africa and Madagascar. It is one of the most powerful and beneficial oils available for skin and hair care. Marula oil has been used in …


Manuka Honey for Hair

Manuka honey for hair care

This manuka honey recipe is a luxurious treatment that leaves dry and damaged hair soft, moisturized, and healthier over time. If you engage in hair treatments such as coloring, blow-drying, straightening, and curling, you will develop dry hair and split …


Enhance Shiny Hair with Shea Nut Oil

shea nut oil benefits for hair

Shea nut oil, a byproduct of shea butter, is one of the best oils for promoting shiny hair and helping hair stay moisturized for longer. It’s also one of the primary ingredients in Arewa Hair Styling Oil from Ade Ori …


Intense Dry Hair Treatment with Wheat Germ Oil

intense dry hair treatment with wheat germ oil

I have gushed about the benefits of wheat germ oil for hair in 5 Ingredients for the Best Pre-Poo with Oils and Wheat Germ Oil Benefits for Skin. Wheat germ oil is loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids. I love …


Reduce Protein Loss from Hair with Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is a vegetable oil, which is mostly used for cooking, but by virtue of its qualities, it falls into the category of natural oils for hair care. It’s aka groundnut oil or arachis oil. Back home, it’s one …


How to Strengthen Your Hair with Carrot Oil

Benefits of carrot oil for weak and damaged hair

Carrot oil is one of the most potent oils for strengthening hair and reversing extensive hair breakage.  Carrot isn’t just for chomping on while on a diet or a key ingredient in carrot cake. The oil from the carrot seeds …