How to Control Greying Hair with Sesame Seed Oil

sesame seeds

These sesame seed oil recipes will help you control greying hair in between henna and indigo treatments. Sesame seeds are quite common as toppings on burger buns, sandwich buns, bagels and other culinary dishes. Sesame seeds are also the main …


How to Color Curly Hair with Henna and Indigo


I performed my henna treatment last weekend with henna and indigo followed by deep conditioning. During the week, I applied the mustard seed oil and henna mix recipe to my hair and scalp 3 times. I have been dyeing my hair with henna and indigo …


How to Make Your Own Mustard Oil

Learn how to make your own mustard oil in just a few steps in this article plus you need only 3 ingredients. The benefits of mustard oil for hair and how to use it was covered earlier. Though not very popular in …


Benefits of Mustard Seed Oil for Hair Care

benefits of mustard seed oil

This article breaks down the benefits of mustard seed oil for hair care and shares 3 great ways to use mustard seed oil in your hair care regimen. These recipes help prevent grey hair and eliminate dry and itchy scalp …