How to Strengthen Your Hair with Carrot Oil

Carrot oil is one of the most potent oils for strengthening hair and reversing extensive hair breakage. 

Carrot isn’t just for chomping on while on a diet or a key ingredient in carrot cake. The oil from the carrot seeds also plays an important role in hair care.

Most people are used to carrots that are orange but did you know there are other varieties that produce purple, yellow, white, and red carrots? 

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How to Strengthen Your Hair with Carrot Oil

What is Carrot Oil?

Carrot oil (aka carrot seed oil) is obtained from the dried seeds of the carrot via steam distillation. This method ensures the oil retains all of its nutrients.

Though the oil is obtained from the seeds, other parts of the plant can be used to produce oil as well.

Carrot oil can also be produced by macerating, boiling, and infusing carrots in a carrier oil.

Learn how to make carrot oil over at How to DIY Carrot Oil if you’re keen on trying it out at home. 

Carrot oil contains high levels of beta-carotene. This is one of its best attributes.

Depending on which part of the plant is used, it may also contain vitamins A, C, E, K, and potassium.

Authentic carrot oil is a yellow/amber color with an earthy odor.

The nutrients in carrot oil help hair retain moisture, strengthen hair from the roots, prevent split ends, and promote shiny hair.  

What Are the Benefits of Carrot Oil for Hair?

1. Strengthens Hair

The beta-carotene content in carrot oil, a precursor for vitamin A, which strengthens weak hair and promotes a healthy scalp.

A healthy dose of beta-carotene also promotes hair growth. Over time, expect carrot oil to eliminate breakage completely.

2. Prevents Split Ends

Still on the beta-carotene content of carrot oil, it prevents split ends by protecting the hair from factors that lead to split ends such as dryness and exposure to the elements.

3. Nourishes and Conditions Hair

Blended with the right natural oils, carrot oil can help nourish and condition the hair and scalp while also promoting hair growth. 

Some great complementary oils are for carrot oil include rosehip oil, pumpkin seed oil, and coconut oil,

Carrot Oil Treatment Options

Conditioning and Strengthening Treatment



  • Mix the carrot oil, rosehip seed oil, and pumpkin seed oil together and heat over a bowl of boiling water. 
  • Apply to clean hair and scalp. Massage in thoroughly until you feel like your scalp is heated. 
  • Layer any creamy moisturizing conditioner you have on hand over the oil treatment. Massage into hair again.
  • When every strand is thoroughly coated, pin up your hair and sit under a hair steamer for 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Rinse out and say hello to soft and moisturized hair. If your hair feels greasy, reduce the pumpkin seed oil the next time you use the treatment. 
  • With repeated treatments, expect your hair to grow stronger, reduction in split ends and elimination of breakage. 

carrot juice for healthy eyes

Carrot Juice

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Growth



  • Mix all the ingredients together and heat over a bowl of hot water.
  • Section your hair into smaller parts and apply the oil mix directly to your scalp. Make sure every part of your scalp area is covered.
  • Massage your scalp thoroughly with these tips then cover your hair with a shower cap for up to an hour. You can also sit under a hairdryer for about 15 minutes.
  • Follow up with a mild shampoo and deep condition afterwards.
  • You can repeat this treatment once a week while you can massage the oil mix into your scalp every few days and leave in. 

Complementary Oils for Carrot Oil

The best complementary oils for carrot oil are:-

If you usually like to add essential oils to everything, lavender essential oil, neroli essential oil and ylang-ylang essential oil work well with carrot oil/products.

Use carrot oil in moderation as too much of it can lead to greasy hair. 

Can Carrot Oil Help Hair Grow?

Yes, carrot oil can help hair grow. It’s one of the oils that’s featured in the hair loss chapter in How to Grow Your Hair Healthy and Long with Natural Oils.

Use the oil mix recommended in the hot oil treatment above or mix and match with other recommended oils from the hair loss archives.

When it comes to recovering from hair loss, you should definitely include carrot oil in your hair care regimen.

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