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5 of the Biggest Hair Growth Myths

There are hundreds of hair growth myths, old wives’ tales and urban legends associated with hair depending on the culture one is from.

There’s a reason an entire chapter in The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide is dedicated to hair growth myths.

Below are some of the most common and universal myths about how hair growth works plus where to get information on what actually works.

5 Myths About Hair Growth That Aren't True. We've heard it all before and here's some more.

5 of the Biggest Hair Growth Myths Out There

Hair Growth Myth 1  – Trimming Hair Every 6 – 8 Weeks will Lead to Fairy Tale Lengths

Fairytale length only happened to Rapunzel. The real-world woman isn’t locked in a tower for ages with nothing to do except groom hair.

The average human head grows approximately ½ inch of hair every month, which rounds off to about 6 inches per year.

If you trim your hair every 6 – 8 weeks, you’re basically trimming off any progress.

Take better care of your hair. This will lead to better retention, hence length and trim only as necessary. It takes approx 4 – 5 years to achieve waist-length year.

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Hair Growth Myth 2 – If You Extract a Grey Hair, 5 More will Come Back for its Funeral

This isn’t possible. I tried this a few years ago and nothing of the kind happened.

However, it’s recommended not to pluck out grey hair as you can damage the roots this way.

Try covering up the greys instead with chemical-free dyes such as Nupur Henna and Indigo.

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Hair Growth Myth 3 – If your Hair is Really Dirty, you Need to Wash & Rinse Several Times to Get it Clean

Over-washing hair strips hair of all-natural oils and causes dryness, which invariably leads to breakage.

Washing hair thoroughly only once with a good and gentle clarifying shampoo will do the trick.

I have been experimenting with clay mixtures and it’s looking like it will become my go-to natural shampoo forever soon.

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Hair Growth Myth 4 – Split Ends Can Be Repaired

Split ends cannot be fixed. They cannot be resuscitated. They cannot be glued back together.

They cannot be mended. Once split, they’re done. The only solution is to cut it off.

Applying miracle hair products claiming to regrow new hair over the split hair or related nonsense will only cover up the problem temporarily while the hair continues splitting up the entire shaft.

This will compromise long-term health and retention. Just trim it off and start again with a healthy set of tresses and better hair care practices. 

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Hair Growth Myth 5 – Brushing Hair with 100 Strokes Every Day is Good

Not really. Brushing hair so much will pull it out and weaken the strands. Brush as needed for styling purposes and even then, brush as little as possible.

Be sure to use a good Boar Bristle Brush or suitable detangling tool while you’re at it.

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Hair Growth Tips That Work

Interested in hair growth tips and recipes that actually work and maximize hair growth? Have a look at The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide.

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The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide

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