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Are Coconut Oil Capsules Good For You?

Coconut oil is very popular in hair care, health, and beauty treatments with most people using it in its natural form.

Coconut oil capsules came onto the beauty scene for the purpose of convenience.

They are made by packaging coconut oil in soft gel capsules; thus making it available as a supplement that can be easily included in the diet.

It seems a no brainer to get the benefits of coconut oil in capsule form that can be consumed on the go, but does it have any of the same benefits for the body?

Are Coconut Oil Capsules Good For You

Coconut Oil Capsule Facts

  • Coconut oil capsules are packaged in soft gel capsules.
  • Each capsule is about 1,000 mg (1 gram) and can be quite large.
  • They are available in 60 – 120 soft gels per bottle with the recommended daily intake being two capsules.

coconut oil capsules

While it seems sound to go for the capsules, they don’t have the same benefits as consuming coconut oil directly, and here’s why?

The recommended daily intake of coconut oil for adults is 3.5 tablespoons with 1 tablespoon equalling 14 gms approximately.

When you do the math in relation to the coconut oil capsules, you would need to consume over 40 capsules per day to get the recommended amount for an adult.

Additionally, each bottle of coconut oil capsules costs approx. $22. At 2 capsules/120 bottle, you would need to replace each bottle every 2 months.

That’s a lot of money for something that doesn’t even provide the full range of daily benefits.

At the end of the day, it’s more beneficial to consume coconut oil straight from the source.

When it comes to cost, benefits, and longevity of use, it trumps coconut oil capsules hands down.

Coconut oil capsules simply cannot match the benefits or surpass the benefits of fresh/virgin/ organic/unrefined coconut oil.

Best Ways to Consume Coconut Oil

  • Add it to your daily smoothies.
  • Use coconut oil to popcorn kernels instead of butter.
  • It can be used as a replacement for butter in baking.
  • It can be used to sauté fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • You can fry chicken, fish, and meat in coconut oil.

Remember the recommended amount is 3.5 tablespoons/day but you can consume more if you like.

Between all the recommendations above, you should be able to reach the recommended amount easily.

Best Coconut Oil Brands for Consumption

Below are my favorite brands and the most recommended on the market:

viva labs organic coconut oil

Viva Labs Organic Coconut Oil


Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Fushi Virgin Organic Coconut Oil


Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil

The next article will examine the best way to use coconut oil for weight loss.

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