Can Chickpeas Help with a Successful Weight Loss Diet?

Chickpeas are the latest ingredient I’ve included in my fitness challenge meals. The chickpea is a legume common to the Middle East.

It is aka garbanzo beans around the world, and as chana in India. Chickpeas are packed full of protein and fibre.

1 – 1½ cups of chickpeas provides around 15 grams of protein and 13 grams of dietary fibre.

My Experience Eating Chickpeas for Weight Loss

I usually have chickpeas as part of hummus but it’s easy to get sick of it plus the only thing I liked eating it with were carrot and cucumber sticks relegating it to a side dish.

I wanted to find a way to include it as a main meal so I went researching and found a simple recipe – Herbed Chickpeas.

As usual, I modified the recipe to suit my picky taste buds. I used a mix of sesame oil and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and included paprika and mint.

I also cooked it a bit longer than 15 minutes because I wanted them quite crispy. Below is the result:


So how can it help with a successful weight loss diet? I found the dish incredibly filling. After only a few bites, I was stuffed and didn’t feel the need to eat again until much later in the day.

As an appetite suppressant, chickpeas provide a great natural and safe alternative.

A cup of chickpeas comes to 269 calories, which might seem fairly high but considering the trade-off, you will end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

A cup also contains over 20% of the daily requirement for iron, magnesium, iron, and copper.


Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Beans

I used canned chickpeas for this recipe but didn’t care for the texture so much. Next time, I will use packed chickpeas such as Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Beans.

They need to be soaked for a bit then simmered before they can be used for this specific recipe. Additional chickpea recipes I’m thinking of trying include:

Have you tried including chickpeas in your diet to help with weight loss? Let’s know about your experience in the comments section.

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