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Does Emu Oil Thicken Hair?

This emu oil for hair article answers the question about the abilities of emu oil to thicken hair and encourage hair growth in problem areas. 

I’ve extolled the benefits of emu oil several times. It was immensely useful on my severe hair loss journey a few years ago.

Emu oil helped fill in my missing edges in combination with other hair growth oils. Additionally, the regrowth also had a thicker and richer texture.

What is in emu oil that makes it so beneficial for thickening and regrowing hair?

I’ll be breaking down the science of emu oil in this article so you’ll understand what makes it so great for hair loss.

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Emu Oil for Hair

Emu oil comes from the fat of the giant emu bird, native to Australia. The primary purpose of emu oil is for skin rejuvenation and renewal.

However, its benefits extend to hair care as well and is a popular ingredient in premium hair care products.

In Australia, aborigines used emu oil to treat wounds and sunburns for centuries.

Emu oil is light and non-greasy oil with a neutral smell. It’s usually off-white in colour.

Emu oil is a highly penetrating oil because of its non-phosphorus composition. This means it has the ability to penetrate right through the skin to get the job done.

Is Emu Oil Good for Thinning Hair?

Emu oil is good for thinning hair. Its cell regeneration properties works on dormant follicles and encourage new growth over time.

And because of its non-comedogenic nature, you can expect emu oil not to clog your scalp or cause breakouts.

Emu oil is actually good for acne-prone skin. Read Emu Oil for Acne.

Emu oil contains omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 essential fatty acids. 

Combined with its other properties, it can reactivate dormant follicles. The new growth is healthier and appears thicker.

Bella Terra Oils Pure Emu Oil

How Often Should You Use Emu Oil on Hair?

You can use a few drops of emu oil every day on the affected area and massage in for about 10 minutes.

You can use it exclusively or mix it with other optimal hair growth oils recommended in How to Grow Your Hair Healthy & Long with Natural Oils.

How Do You Apply Emu Oil to Your Scalp?

Apply emu oil with fingertips spread across the affected area then massage in circular motions until the oil is absorbed into your scalp.

You can follow the steps recommended at How to Effectively Massage Scalp With Natural Oils.

Best Emu Oil for Hair Growth

You can buy emu oil on Amazon or iHerb. You can find my best recommendations for emu oil at Best Organic Emu Oil for Hair Growth.

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