Does Emu Oil Thicken Hair?

I’ve extolled the benefits of emu oil several times. It was immensely useful on my severe hair loss journey a few years ago. Emu oil helped fill in my missing edges in combination with other hair growth oils. Additionally, the …


Best Organic Emu Oil for Hair Growth

Best emu oil for hair growth

Emu oil is one of my absolute favorite natural oils for hair growth. It has many benefits for healthy hair care. Emu oil is also one of the most formidable ingredients when it comes to recovering from hair loss and …


Emu Oil for Acne

emu oil for acne

I’ve always known about using emu oil for acne but I never fully engaged in it until a few weeks ago. I had the misfortune of discovering I’d run out of the moisturizer I normally use after my facial peel. …


Grow Your Hair Long with Emu Oil


Emu oil for hair growth features prominently in the Healthy Hair Care Series 1 and 2 because of its unique properties.  This in-depth article will be covering the following aspects of emu oil:- What is emu oil How is emu …