Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Beauty & Hair Care

It isn’t always easy finding the perfect budget friendly holiday gift for your loved ones but I got you covered in this guide with lots of ideas and options.

If you’re thinking, what kind of beauty and hair care gifts are suitable for the naturalista (s) in your life, look no further than this guide with options start from as low as $5!

Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas in Beauty and Hair Care

Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas in Beauty and Hair Care

1. Create a Gift Basket

Based on your budget, you can buy a certain amount of thoughtful little knick knacks that are just right for the person (s) you have in mind. The gift basket can be as small or as big as you like. Have a look at various sizes HERE. Below are 10 suggestions of gifts you can stock the basket with. 

2. Buy a Ready Made a Gift Basket

If you simply don’t have the time or patience to DIY holiday gift baskets, below are 8 ready made gift baskets from $ – $$ stocked with delightful items. You may end up buying one for yourself as well.

3. Gift Sets

There are some products that are offered as gift sets and pair quite well with individual gifts but are just as lovely on their own. 

4. Gift Cards

Do you have a picky person to shop for and simply don’t know what would make them happy, then this is where a gift card comes in. Order a gift card of any value and present it to them in a beautifully wrapped or individually packed container. Below are some awesome holiday gift suggestions.

5. Individual Gift Ideas

Instead of buying gift baskets with a variety of items, you may be interested in individual gift items that are perhaps on your loved ones wish list for the year. Below are some individual beauty and hair care items.

6. Something for the Kids

Kids aren’t left out of the equation and there are some really cute gift ideas for the little lady in your life that have proved very popular this year:

Have fun shopping and Merry Xmas. Read part two of this here – Budget Friendly Ideas for Health & Fitness.

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