How to Strengthen Your Hair with Carrot Oil

Benefits of carrot oil for weak and damaged hair

Carrot oil is one of the most potent oils for strengthening hair and reversing extensive hair breakage.  Carrot isn’t just for chomping on while on a diet or a key ingredient in carrot cake. The oil from the carrot seeds …


How to Make Your Own Burdock Root Oil

DIY burdock root oil for scalp issues

Caring for thinning hair with burdock root oil was discussed in Reverse Thinning Hair with Burdock Root Oil. Burdock root oil is one of the best natural oils to use for recovering from hair loss issues. Burdock root oil was also …


Reverse Hair Thinning with Burdock Root Oil

How to Reverse Hair Thinning with Burdock Root Oil.jpg

Burdock root oil is one of the best oils to use for hair thinning. Burdock root oil is extracted from the leaves and roots of the plant.  The burdock plant usually has oviform leaves and belongs to a group of …


Can Oil Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

10 Things You Can Do for Faster and Healthier Hair Growth

Can oil really make hair grow faster? Read the breakdown and what you can do about it in this article.  Several myths and oil-laced magic recipes abound, which claim to make the hair grow at a rate outside that predetermined …