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How to Make Hand Sanitizer

As hand sanitizers are becoming scarcer than gremlins, now is the time to jump on the DIY train and make your own hand sanitizer.

Washing your hands is best but in the absence of soap and water, hand sanitizer is the next best option.

You only need a few ingredients to create a huge bottle of hand gel as long as you follow the recommendations for DIY hand sanitizer gel at this time.

Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

Yes, hand sanitizer works provided it contains an alcohol content of at least 60%.

You can mix and match the ingredients in this article but the alcohol content must be constant for effectiveness.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe


Solimo 70% Isopropyl Alcohol


  • Pour the aloe vera gel and alcohol into the mixing bowl and stir with a balloon whisk until smooth.
  • If it’s too thin, add more gel. If it’s too thick add more alcohol a little bit at a time.
  • Add in the essential oil and whisk again. Whisk until all the ingredients are well blended together.
  • Stick a funnel in the cleaned glass bottle and start straining the gel into it.
  • Do not touch the sanitizer mix with your hands. To be certain, you can wear gloves like these while preparing. 

For carry around in your purse, use these smaller 2 oz bottles. It’s a 3 pack so you can make 3 to go bottles at once.

This mix is ready in 15 – 20 minutes and it can last for up to 6 months because of the alcohol content.

Before you pump into hands, give the bottle a shake.

Hand sanitizers are to be used in addition to hand washing and cannot be used as a replacement for washing your hands.

Have you tried making your own hand sanitizer? Share in the comment sections. 

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