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Are You Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2017? Save on Hair, Health & Beauty Deals!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s annual deals day created exclusively for Prime members. Amazon announces thousands of deals and special offers across beauty, health and fitness, fashion, household and much more for Prime members.

If you have a long list of hair, health, fitness and beauty items you’ve been eyeing for some time, Prime Day is the time to get shopping and grab those amazing deals.

What Makes Amazon Prime Day 2017 Awesome?

  • 30 straight hours  of thousands of deals, 6 hours longer than 2016. Commences at 9 pm ET on Monday, July 10 and ends at 3 am, ET on Tuesday, July 12.
  • New deals will be offered every 5 minutes.
  • Alexa makes it even easier to get in on the deals. Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant. If you have a gadget equipped with Alexa, you’ll get access to deals 2 hours before everyone else.
  • If you don’t already have a Prime membership, if you sign up through Alexa, you get a 20% discount.
  • Prime Now shoppers get access to same day delivery and some other selection of items including perishables.
  • It’s not just for US shoppers. Deals are offered to shoppers in several other countries including UK, Mexico & China.

What Kind of Prime Day Deals Can You Expect in Hair, Health, Fitness, Beauty & Fashion?

Below are some of the amazing deals waiting for Prime members during the Prime Day sales:-

  • Hair: Flat irons, natural oils, conditioners, leave in conditioners, blow dryers and diffusers are just some of the items on sale here. View the deals HERE.
  • Health & Fitness: Yoga mats, fit bits, fitness accessories, natural multivitamins, clothes, shoes and much more up for grabs in this category. View the deals HERE.
  • Beauty: Favorites for face, body, hands, feet and much more feature in this category. See the deals HERE.
  • Fashion: The selection of dresses, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry and other gorgeous items are up for grabs in this section. See the deals HERE.

In addition to above, there are deals in Crafts, Tech Items, HouseholdDIYers, Pets, Adventurers, Students, Gardeners, Bookworms and much more.

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Can Anyone Participate in Prime Day?

Nope. You have to be an Amazon Prime member to get in on the deals. With 30 days free trial and 2 day shipping, now is the time to get your Prime Membership going. Sign up before July 11 to get in on the thousands of Prime Day deals. Find out more and join HERE.

What Are the Different Types of Prime Membership?

  • Prime: For the standard $100/year or $10.99/month, which will provide access to all the levels of Prime Membership as well as all the deals.
  • Prime Video: Unlimited video and film streaming only on Amazon’s video service.
  • Amazon Family: This level provides access to all the levels of Prime Membership as well as 20% off diapers.
  • Amazon Student: 50% off membership for students as well as 6 months free membership with limited access to deals.

Are you ready to grab those deals? Learn more and sign up for Amazon Prime HERE. Remember, you need to join before July 11 to take advantage of the Prime Day deals.

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