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Featured Curlista: Kayla from New Jersey Shares Her Transitioning Story

I have someone new today in the featured curlista series, which started a few months ago. Today, Kayla from New Jersey shares her transitioning story.

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Please tell us a little bit about you

I’m 23 years old, half Puerto Rican, half black. I believe meditation is essential, and I love meeting fellow naturals.

Tell us about your journey so far, transitioning or big chop, your challenges, etc

When I first began my journey, I started off transitioning because I wasn’t completely comfortable with the big chop.

I got my first Deva cut and I almost cried. I was so upset that I had to cut a lot of my hair off and I felt like I wasn’t as beautiful as I once was.

Eventually, I felt like the cut made me feel free. I felt like I was cutting off my insecurities and it was okay to be comfortable in my own skin.


What is your regular regimen like?

I deep condition once a week with an egg, mayo, coconut oil, and a banana. I don’t really “wash” my hair because once every three weeks I give myself an ACV rinse.

I use mostly Deva Curl products. Deva Curl absolutely loves my hair.

I apply a small amount of the Decadence Conditioner and I follow up with the Coconut SuperCream and Ultra Defining Gel.

What are your favourite oils and how do you use them?

My absolute favourite oils are coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO).

I use coconut oil in my deep conditioners or when I occasionally give myself an oil rinse.

I use sweet almond oil to seal in my ends. Saving the best for last, I use JBCO to give myself a scalp massage.

What are your other favourite hair care products?

I absolutely love:-

What’s your favourite way to wear your hair?

I love a simple wash and go or just having my hair in a pineapple.

Do you have any preferred hair accessories/toys?

Occasionally when I want to spice up a pineapple I throw on a headband.


What’s the one piece of hair care advice you would give to someone considering going natural?

Be patient with your hair and truly recognize that you can do it and you’ll love your hair.

Where can we find you online?  

Instagram @Kayla.Janelle_ & Twitter @KaylaJanelle__

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