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Raw African Black Soap for Beauty Uses

I recently reconnected with African black soap and used it as a shampoo with excellent results.

After that experience, I tried it out as a face wash for a week before writing this article.

I used already prepared black soap for beauty but I’m considering ordering raw African black soap and creating my own face wash.

In this article, I’ll be covering the benefits of raw African black soap for skin, how to use it, African black soap side effects, and where to buy it.

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Raw African Black Soap Benefits for Skin
Raw African Black Soap Benefits for Skin

Raw African Black Soap

African black soap is made from natural ingredients and contains no harmful additives.

African black soap is derived from plantain skins. The skins are sun-dried then roasted.

The roasted skins are then mixed with plant oils like coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, stirred and set aside for up to 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, the mix is solidified. The soap is then scooped out and set out to cure. 

Depending on the region where it’s made, other ingredients included in black soap making could be shea butter, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and plantain bark.

In Nigeria, black soap is known as ose dudu and ncha nkta while in the Niger Republic, it’s known as sabulun salo.

11 Benefits of African Black Soap for Skin

1. Gentle & Effective Cleanser

African black soap is a gentle yet effective natural cleanser that removes impurities and dirt without drying out skin.

2. Natural Skin Moisturizer

The shea butter and plant oils in African black soap can help moisturize the skin and reduce any itchiness from dry skin.

3. Alleviates Skin Conditions Like Acne & Blemishes

When I was a kid, black soap was the go-to treatment for pimples and stubborn acne. 

It dried out spots in only a few days and gave the skin a smoother appearance.

Other skin conditions African black soap can assist with include uneven skin tone, blemishes, and eczema.

This is due to the antibacterial properties of the plantain skin used in the production of the soap.

4. Balances Oily Skin

African black soap helps regulate the production of oil on the face so if you have oily skin, it can get the excessive shine under control.

5. Ideal for Sensitive Skin

African black soap is gentle enough for all skin types including sensitive skin.

The raw version can be mixed with the ingredients you prefer so you’re sure what you’re putting on your skin.

6. Natural Shaving Cream

African black soap can be used as a shaving cream for under the armpits as well as the face.

It gives for a smooth and even removal of hair and prevents unsightly bumps.

raw african black soap beauty uses
Raw African Black Soap Beauty Uses

7. Soothes Irritated Skin

If you’re suffering from skin irritation caused by a reaction to the environment or something else you applied on your face, African black soap can help soothe the irritation.

8. All Natural Ingredients

All the ingredients in authentic black soap are natural and non toxic. Your skin can benefits from softness, nourishment and shine!

9. Evens Skin Tone

Regular use of African black soap in combination with the right serums and moisturizers afterward contributes to even skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

10. No Fragrance Required

Due to the earthy and woody smell of African black soap, there’s no need to add artificial fragrances and works very well unscented.

11. Eco friendly Product

African black soap is handmade via traditional methods and processes which makes it an eco friendly product and sustainably produced.

How to Use Raw African Black Soap

You can use raw African black soap as a face cleanser, shampoo, body wash, or shaving cream.

You can also use it to make a DIY mask for the skin or an exfoliating body scrub when mixed with things like oatmeal and brown sugar.

When using raw African black soap, DO NOT rub the soap on your skin directly. There might be small ingredient particles in the soap.

Instead, rub it between wet hands to work up a lather then apply it to your skin.

African Black Soap Side Effects

There are no serious side effects to using raw African black soap. However, some people might find it too drying.

It may also cause a bit of redness and you may experience tingling when using. These effects should balance out within a few days as your skin gets used to it.

If the effects are too strong, you can leave it on for only a few minutes or use it less often.

How to Store African Black Soap

When you buy this soap, it will usually be in raw form and wrapped in cellophane or craft paper.

However, exposure to water will make this soap dissolve fast so buy an airtight mason jar like this one and transfer the soap into it.

Take out only the amounts you need at a time and scoop out with a spoon, not your fingers.

For a body wash, put a few chips into a jar like this one, add some distilled water and lavender oil and wait for it to dissolve.

I will write a separate article for DIY African black soap body wash and body scrub later on. Sign up HERE so you’re notified whenever the article goes live.

What is the Best Raw African Black Soap?

Below are my top 5 recommendations for raw African black soap, ethically sourced and budget-friendly.

If you’re interested in ready to use commercial African black soap, below are my top recommendations for these:-

FAQs About Raw African Black Soap Answered

Does African Black Soap Lighten Skin?

No, African black soap doesn’t lighten the skin. What it does do is even out the skin tone so your natural tone starts glowing.

If your black soap is lightening your skin dramatically then some unnatural additive has been included. Stop using it immediately.

Can I Use Raw African Black Soap on My Face Everyday?

Yes, you can wash your face every day with African black soap. It’s gentle enough for this purpose.

However, if you are new to this soap, start with 2 – 3 times a week to observe how your skin reacts to it before you move up to using every day.

How Can You Tell if African Black Soap is Real?

Authentic African black soap has a very distinct toasted and earthy aroma. It shouldn’t later up like regular soap. If it does, then there is some form of sulfate in it.

I will share a few DIY African black soap recipes for the skin and body over the next few weeks.

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Best 5 Raw African Black Soap Brands for skin
Best 5 Raw African Black Soap Brands for Skin


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