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11 Simple and Creative Styles for Natural Hair

I was perusing Facebook earlier today when I came across this video. I wasn’t going to click it initially.

However, the model is quite pretty so I wanted to know what was going on there. I’m glad I did because I discovered these simple and creative updos for natural hair.

11 Creative and Easy Hair Styles for Curly Hair

You can achieve most of the styles with a few bobby pins, combs, and perhaps an HairZing.

There’s hope for all the style-challenged curly-haired ladies out there including me :).

A cross-section of the styles featured in this hairstyle video include:

11 Creative and Easy Hair Styles for Curly Hair

  • Knotted scarf updo
  • Side sweep
  • Pony + side bangs
  • Messy half updo
  • Front bump + pullback
  • Pineapple
  • Curl hawk
  • Smoothed pouf
  • Classic curly pony
  • Front bump pony
  • Side part afro

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