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5 Product Junkie Saving Tips in Preparation for Black Friday!

Black Friday is coming soon! If you’re a product junkie or just want to re-up your supplies at the cheapest rates possible, you’re already preparing your wallet for the deals headed your way.

However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the deals on the day and go crazy with spending.

It’s kinda like someone letting cookie monster loose in the store and sending him into a sugar coma :).

cookie monster helps with black friday deals

In order to make your purchases and spending more efficient, here are 5 tips every product junkie needs to follow in preparation for the big day:

Savings Tips for Black Friday

Start Saving Early

best black friday deals for hair and beauty 2015

Start putting away a few bucks every week. I started saving for Black Friday in August.

Nothing huge. About $50 here and there. I should have a nice chunk of Black Friday change by end of this month.

Make a List

best black friday deals for hair and beauty 2015

This is serious business. Break out the flip charts/spreadsheets and categorize your PJ insanity properly, please.

I’ve categorized everything by conditioners, stylers, serums, oils, etc and the normal price, quantities I want to buy, and how much discount I’m expecting.

I’ve also included a section for what I’m ready to give up if the discount doesn’t meet my expectations.

This will keep you more coordinated and less likely to overspend.

Cash Only!

best black friday deals for hair and beauty 2015

Stick to cash. Take out the amount you’ve saved or the exact amount you plan to use and go home once it’s exhausted.

If you plan to shop online, get a card preloaded with the amount. Once it’s exhausted, you’re good to go.

Stay On Top of the News

best black friday deals for hair and beauty 2015

Join the Black Friday list HERE, duh!

I’ll be sending out notices with links to the best deals in beauty, hair & health over the next few weeks so we can all get organized properly. Remember, some Black Friday deals start earlier.

Reign in Your Wallet

best black friday deals for hair and beauty 2015

Resolve that no matter what on this planet, no matter how many PJ demons torment you, you will not exceed your budget.

How many products can you possibly use up before the next Black Friday rolls up in 2016? So get a hold of yourself.

I will be uploading more useful articles about Black Friday in the following weeks so we can get the best out of it without breaking the bank.

Sign up below to get on the Black Friday list. I will be sending out information about the best deals in beauty, hair & health until Black Friday.

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