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Update: This book was updated and relaunched in June 2017. Read about the updates and how to get your copy for up to 20% off at How to Grow Hair Healthy and Long with Natural Oils Relaunched.

grow your hair healthy and long with natural oilsI’ve been compiling this guide for quite some time. I began my journey with oils in 2012/2013 after a nasty experience with braids left me with several bald and thinning areas on my scalp in 2012.

Up till then, I had tried so many different things without results.  I grew back my bald spots, the thinning areas filled in, and my curls started coming back to life.

I continued researching oils and incorporated as much as I could into my own regimen.

I know so many other women struggle with the same problems and wanted to share what worked for me, hence Natural Oils for Hair and Health was born.

The Grow Your Hair Healthy & Long with Natural Oils e-book addresses the most common problems and which oils you can use to alleviate them on your way to achieving optimal length and health. 

Here’s what you’ll be getting with this e-book? 

  • The best-curated content from the website along with additional research.
  • Some awesome recipes that are sure to impact your hair health and improve growth and retention. 
  • Tips on building an oil regimen into your original regimen.
  • Pointers on safe use in combination. 
  • The best way to use each oil and maximize its benefits.
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If your hair wishes include GrowthRetentionMoisture and Everlasting Curls, then you definitely want to get this e-book! 

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