healthy hair care

There are hundreds of books on hair care on the internet but there are 5, which is excellent reading and goes into detail on healthy hair care, growing your hair, accepting your curl type, the science behind hair, hair product recipes and lots of other great information on caring for your hair. All the books are a fast read and you can purchase hard cover or as an e-book which you can read on the go on your iPad or Kindle.

curly girl the handbook

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This my personal favourite and you can read my review HERE.

the science of black hair

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The Science of Black Hair really focuses on the history and science behind hair. It discusses how to manage high texture hair, products, hair colouring, transitioning, building a healthy hair regimen and much more. The author really breaks down all the information related to black hair care.

better than good hair

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Better Than Good Hair is a good read if you are a newbie to being natural and not quite sure what to do to get your hair life in order. It’s also great for people considering the jump from relaxed to natural. If you have been natural for a while and already know what works for your hair, this may not be the book for you.

grow it by chicoro

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Grow It is a fast read and has loads of information on hair care even for seasoned naturals. The book offers a well laid out plan for growing out your hair which will work if followed properly. My only gripe with the book is lack of pictures or diagrams to illustrate the things the author recommended. However, it is still a good read nevertheless.

black woman's guide to beautiful hair

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The Black Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair is short and to the point; broken down into 5 parts – the program, your mind, your scalp, your hair and product and salon recommendations. The part about your mind is very interesting as it addresses changing your mind mind set about what you think and believe about your hair before you can move forward with your hair life. A good read for the newbies. Seasoned naturals and curly girls may prefer Curly Girl: The Handbook and The Science of Black Hair.

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Happy Hair Growing!