Almond Milk for Healthy Hair

almond milk for healthy hair

Almonds are extremely nutritious nuts for hair, beauty, and body, and incorporating almond milk into your hair care regimen will make a great difference. One of the derivatives of almonds is sweet almond oil; a light non-greasy oil ideal for …


The Benefits of Krill Oil

What Are the Benefits of Krill Oil

What is Krill Oil? Krill oil comes from a tiny crustacean found in Antarctica, Canada & Japan known as krill. The oil is extracted from the crustacean and stored in capsule form. Krill oil is used to treat various ailments such as …


Are Pumpkin Seeds Good for You?


Pumpkin seeds aka pepita in Mexico are the nutrient-rich edible seeds found inside the pumpkin. They are flat, light green, and oval-shaped. The seeds from the oil are pressed to produce pumpkin seed oil. However, pumpkin seeds are also good for …


Healthy Recipe Challenge – Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is a traditional Middle Eastern salad made from various edible herbs grown locally. It’s a fast and easy dish that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and is around 200 calories for a side serving. Traditionally, it’s served …


Get Flaxseed Oil for Strong and Healthy Hair Growth


Flaxseed oil was discussed previously in the Healthy Hair from Inside Out with Oil. In that article, I covered getting the benefits of natural oils internally via supplements.  Flaxseed oil has many benefits but if you’re not big on swallowing …