How to Use Argan Oil on Hair

5 Ways to Use Argan Oil on Your Hair

Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which aids hair in retaining moisture and guarding against split ends among other things. Read Hydrate and Smoothen Your Hair with Argan Oil for more on the nutrition profile of argan oil.  Due to …


Hydrate and Smoothen Your Hair with Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the best natural oils for hair breakage and shiny hair. It’s a versatile oil that delivers what it promises when used correctly on hair. Before we share some excellent argan oil for hair recipes, let’s …


Why Use Natural Oils on Hair?


Natural oils have been around since the dawn of man. They have been used in various capacities over the generations for hair, health, beauty and much more.  In recent times, as women have become more health and green living conscious, natural oils …