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11 Ways to Go Organic Without Stressing

There are many reasons why one might decide to switch to an organic lifestyle but whatever the reason, you should not stress over the situation.

Whether it’s for personal healing, aiding the planet by going green, or a simple interest in what is new, many people today want to know how to live naturally and organically.

Going organic, however, can seem like a chore when considering the number of chemicals in food.

These chemicals are also contained in grooming and beauty products, household cleaners, and laundry detergents.

Where does it start and where does it end? Do you have to make the changes all at once or can you do it gradually?

Below are 11 ways to go organic without the stress of rearranging your whole life or going to the extreme of moving to a green home.

11 Ways to Go Organic Without Stressing

Going Organic for Beginners

1. Experiment with Organic Alternatives

Take a look at your pantry and fridge and note down staple household foods.

Find organic alternatives that are pesticide-free at the supermarket, co-op, or natural health store.

The same goes for organic and natural alternatives to laundry and dish detergents, bath products, and pet food.

Start with a few essential items and then build up to other items in the household.

2. Indulge in Organic Luxury

By indulging in organic chocolate, wine, or even bath oils, you can start viewing going organic as an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful chore.

While organic luxury products might cost more than their chemical-laden counterparts, they have a major flavor difference, which is noticeable immediately.

3. Energy Efficient Transport

While electronic and hybrid cars are all the rage today, some people may have forgotten an even better form of green, organic transportation – walking.

Walking or biking is a way to not only save money and get in shape.

It can reduce the number of chemicals put into the air and, consequently, into the lungs of the population.

4. Get in the Garden

By developing and maintaining a garden, you can have a renewed appreciation of natural food.

This can be as simple as planting a few herbs in the kitchen window with the Click and Grow Herb Smart Garden.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Or it can be as elaborate as turning the backyard into a sustainable oasis with edible flowers, vegetables, fruits, and compost.

5. Think of Going Organic as Starting at the Front Door

By making sure that only organic and natural products pass through the front door, you can better monitor what you are using.

This also goes for what is leaving the front door. By reducing, reusing, and recycling, consumers can play their part in living organic and eco-friendly.

6. Become a Natural Beauty

Make-up, hairspray, and other beauty products are packed with chemicals, most of which can irritate skin or send dangerous toxins into the body.

There are many new products available that advertise natural ingredients but could still be chemical-laden.

The best way to avoid these toxins is to not use these products at all.

A healthy, organic diet can also rid the body and face of blemishes, and natural lotions, toners, and balms can even out skin tone.

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7. Forage for Food

Many people interested in organic living have become interested in wildcrafting i.e. looking for edible plants in the wild

Consumers are taking classes, going on guided hikes, and going on walks in the woods all to find out more about the food that grows in their back yard.

So many natural plants, many formerly thought of as weeds, are edible and have many health benefits.

This detailed guide from BBC Food breaks down foraging for a beginner.

8. Natural Medicine Alternatives

As natural living grows in interest, some consumers aren’t stopping at their front door but carrying it on to their doctors.

Traditional medicine encompasses everything from aromatherapy and herbalism to massage and energy healing.

Most traditional, natural medicines encourage an organic lifestyle for health purposes.

However, do not unilaterally change up your medication without consulting your physician.

Going Organic for Beginners

9. Join the Organic Community

One of the best ways to go organic and to stay organic is to join an organic community.

One way to join and participate is to join a Co-op. Co-ops bring together consumers, farmers, and local merchants of natural products.

Many co-ops hold lectures, classes, and other group activities, which can lend support to the organic consumer.

10. Don’t Ignore the Labels

A lot of manufacturers label their food as organic or make organic type claims on labels.

Truly organic foods should have a USDA-certified organic label or another appropriate level for the country.

If you’re unsure, research the company and products online before you buy anything.

11. Stay Informed

By buying books, watching videos, or getting newsletters online or in the mail on green, natural, and organic lifestyles and foods, you can stay informed on what is new.

You can also find out about new products you might enjoy or be curious about trying for yourself.

One of the most important things to remember when changing to an organic lifestyle, or simply adding some organic alternatives to their lives – don’t stress.

Start with the small things and build up to the big things and not every aspect of your life has to be organic.

More Information on Going Organic

There are many books available that discuss organic living and ways for consumers to live more natural lives.

Living Organic by Helen Porter, Helen Quested, and Patricia Thomas is a great manual on making small and big changes for an organic home.

The authors don’t stop at turning the home into a natural haven but also discuss making organic decisions when it comes to beauty, clothes, and raising children.

Other media available to support the organic community includes blogs, videos, and email newsletters.

Have you gone full organic? Please share your experience in the comments section.

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