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Pracaxi Oil Benefits for Hair

In this article, you can explore pracaxi oil for hair, the benefits, and the best way to use this versatile oil on dry curly hair.

Good hair oil is everything to dry and thirsty curls. The curlier your hair is, the more work you have to do to keep it in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, there’s no dearth of oils for all types of hair issues. It’s the genesis of the Healthy Hair Care Series. Learn more HERE.

Joining the list of awesome oils already featured on this site is pracaxi oil – a rich and nourishing oil for hair and skin.

The pracaxi tree (pentaclethra macroloba) is native to the northeastern part of South America and is aka the Pracachy Tree.

pracaxi oil benefits for hair plus best pracaxi oil brands for hair

Pracaxi Oil for Hair

Traditionally, South Americans use pracaxi oil as a hair detangler and strengthener. It can also be used on the skin to reduce certain types of marks and scars.

Though well known in South America, pracaxi oil is not very popular in the global beauty industry.

However, it’s very beneficial for hair due to its high concentrations of behenic acid. In this article, I’ll be covering:-

  • Nutrition profile of pracaxi oil
  • Benefits of pracaxi oil for hair
  • Pracaxi oil for hair growth
  • Pracaxi oil side effects
  • Where to buy pracaxi oil?

What is Pracaxi Oil?

Pracaxi oil originates from the seeds of the pracaxi tree. The seeds from the tree are dried then pressed to extract the oil.

Authentic pracaxi oil is a pale yellow to golden brown color. It has a nutty smell similar to other seeds roasted before the oil is pressed out of them.

Pracaxi oil tends to solidify like coconut oil and babassu oil in colder temperatures.

However, it can be liquified the same way as coconut oil and babassu oil – rubbed between the hands or placed in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.

Pracaxi Oil Benefits

1. High Concentrations of Behenic Acid

Pracaxi oil has a high concentration of behenic acid; a fatty acid that creates a protective barrier when used on hair.

Pracaxi oil is used in hair products such as conditioners and moisturizers for its smoothing and emollient effects.

Another oil with high behenic acid content is moringa oil. Read Improve the Appearance of Split Ends With Moringa Oil for more.

2. Pracaxi Oil Promotes Shine in Hair

Because of its emollient qualities, a small amount of pracaxi oil makes hair soft and shiny. It also locks in moisture.

3. Pracaxi Oil Doesn’t Weigh Down Hair

Pracaxi oil has a smooth and silky feel to it. It’s absorbed quickly into hair without weighing it down. It is a suitable oil for fine hair.

4. Protects Hair From Environmental Elements

Due to its barrier-forming effects on hair, pracaxi oil protects hair from harsh environmental elements like UV rays, wind, and dust.

5. Provides Deep Moisturizing Treatment for Dry Hair

Pracaxi oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6, and omega 9. These fatty acids promote hydration, which is good news for dry hair.

A leave-in conditioning treatment including pracaxi oil can maintain moisture in dry hair. I share some of my best pracaxi oil recipes for hair in the next article.

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Pracaxi Oil for Hair Growth

The best attributes of pracaxi oil for hair include moisture retention, shine, and softness, which invariably lead to healthy hair growth.

You can combine it with oils specifically targeted for hair growth to get the best of both worlds.

For more on this, have a look at How to Grow Your Hair Healthy & Long with Natural Oils.


Pracaxi Oil Side Effects

There is no indication that pracaxi oil has any major side effects for topical application. It is fairly safe oil to use on hair and skin.

However, if you have very sensitive skin, you may want to conduct a patch test first.

Where to Buy Pracaxi Oil?

Authentic pracaxi oil can be a challenge to track down so I’ve rounded off the best brands from my research below:-

Bulk Naturals Virgin Pracaxi Seed Oil

Bulk Naturals Virgin Pracaxi Seed Oil

This pracaxi oil is available in a sample size of 1/4 oz all the way up to large gallon sizes for commercial productions. BUY HERE.

Rainforest Chica Pracaxi Oil 

Rainforest Chica Pracaxi Oil

Rainforest Chica pracaxi oil originates from Brazil and is available in 0.5 oz up to 4oz. BUY HERE.

Alia Pure Pracaxi Oil

Alia Pure Pracaxi Oil

Unlike the other two brands above, Alia Pure pracaxi oil is available in only one size – 1 oz. BUY HERE.

Pracaxi Oil Shelf Life

Pracaxi oil has a shelf life of up to 2 years when stored properly away from direct sunlight and heat.

Consider refrigerating after opening or keep in a cool, dark place at least to keep the oil fresh and maximize shelf life.

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