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4 Ways to Use Pistachio Oil in Cooking

Continuing the cooking with oil series, this article will explore how to use pistachio oil in cooking. By the way, pistachio oil is one of the recommended natural oils for cooking on the keto diet

4 ways to use pistachio in cooking

The benefits of pistachio oil for hair were covered in 5 Ways to Get the Benefits of Pistachio Oil for Your Hair.

Pistachio oil has a ceramides concentration of 32.7%. However, due to its high cost, it’s not a common ingredient in hair care.

Pistachio oil is cold-pressed from the pistachio nut native to Asia and the Middle East. 

Pistachio oil has an intense nutty flavor with vivid green color. Due to its intense taste, it works best as a flavoring to dishes. 

Health Benefits of Pistachio Oil

  • Pistachio oil is rich in vitamin E – promotes healthy skin, cell renewal, and cell regeneration. 
  • Pistachio oil helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Pistachio oil is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radical damage in the body.  
  • It’s a heart-healthy oil and one of the oils promoted for cooking while on the keto diet.
  • Pistachio oil contains carotenoids and lutein that protect the eyes from like cataracts and macular degeneration, which show up as we get older.

Can You Cook With Pistachio Oil?

Yes, you can cook with pistachio oil. It’s a heart-healthy oil and is one of the oils recommended for cooking on the keto diet. 

Pistachio oil has a medium to high cooking temperature and adds an exotic, deeper flavor to your dishes.

Check out the best ways to use pistachio oil in your cooking below.

4 Ways to Use Pistachio Oil in Cooking

1. Pistachio Oil Salad Dressing

Pistachio oil makes a great dressing for salad. There are 2 pistachio oil salad dressing recipes I’ve used that works great across all salads.

Pistachio oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and a dash of honey or maple syrup. You can also season with salt and black pepper.

I eyeball the ingredient amounts based on the salad size.

2. Pistachio Oil for Steaming Veggies

Drizzle pistachio oil over steamed vegetables for a burst of great flavor. If you’re not a big fan of veggies, pistachio oil will make the taste more appealing.

You can try pistachio oil on roasted vegetables as well. The taste will be incredible.

3. Pistachio Oil for Grilling and Searing

When grilling or pan-frying chicken or salmon, brush pistachio oil over the dish a few minutes before turning off the heat. The smell as the oil warms up is divine!

4. Pistachio Oil Dipping

You can use pistachio oil as a dipping for bread or brush it over bread before toasting for a sandwich.

I haven’t tried pistachio oil in baking yet but it makes an excellent replacement for butter in baking.

I explored that in 5 Natural Oils You can Use for Baking Instead of Butter.

What Can I Cook With Pistachio Oil?

Below are some great recipes using pistachio oil for inspiration:-

Where to Buy Pistachio Oil?

Pistachio oil isn’t cheap but you need only a few tablespoons at a time so a standard bottle should last for a while.

You can find all the pistachio oil recommendations below as well as suitable alternatives online at Amazon and iHerb (worldwide shipping)

La Tourangelle Roasted Pistachio OilLa Tourangelle Roasted Pistachio Oil

Nutrawbar Organic Expeller Cold-Pressed Pistachio Oil

J Le blanc French Pistachio Oil

J. Leblanc French Pistachio Oil

A comparable oil to pistachio oil is walnut oil, explored further in Healthier Salad Dressings with Walnut Oil.

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