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Awesome Wash and Go Tutorial

The wash and go is a hairstyle that allows you to wear your hair loose in a curly state. It’s a great style option for natural hair. 

Done correctly, a wash and go can be your go-to hairstyle but there is a technique to getting it right every time.

This article will cover FAQs about wash and go, best products for wash and gos and a great wash and go tutorial that incorporates stretching your hair as well. 

This tutorial is also particularly effective for 4C hair as it will prevent tangles and elongate curls for longer. 

It’s going to take some time to master your wash and go so don’t be discouraged the first time around. 

What’s a Wash and Go Hairstyle?

A wash and go basically means washing your hair, engaging the LOC method, shaking it out, and then moving on with the rest of your day.

It’s supposed to be fuss-free but it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are a variety of techniques involved and there will be some trial and error until you figure out what combination of products work best on your hair.

You can apply the wash and go techniques on most hair types from 2C – 4C with remarkable success.

While it’s not exactly a protective style, if done correctly, it can keep your curls moisturized and go a long way in helping you retain length. 

What Products Do You Need for a Wash and Go?

The products you use are very important to achieving a successful wash and go that will last for at least a week.

They must be products that enhance moisture. Some of these products are also featured in the video recommendation below.

You must always apply a leave-in conditioner before you apply the styler that will define your curls.

You should also apply a light layer of oil over the styler for scrunch and to form a cast over the styler.

After shampooing and deep conditioning, apply your leave-in conditioner then follow up with one of the stylers and oils below:-

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many more wash-and-go products. I will write another article with a more comprehensive list over at Healthy Natural Hair Products soon.

How Often Should You Wash and Go?

You shouldn’t wash and go more than once a week. A good wash and go should last for up to 5 days if you preserve overnight properly. 

If you wash and go on Sunday and stretch until Thursday, you can wear a bun on Frida and Saturday then repeat the process on Sunday.

How Long Does a Wash and Go Last?

A well-done wash and go should last for up to 5 days and some can last as long as 7 days if preserved properly and manipulating is kept to a minimum

Can a Wash and Go Damage Your Hair?

A wash and go cannot damage hair but focus on using the right technique. Too much yanking and pulling can cause split ends or tangled hair. 

You need a lot of patience when you’re doing a wash and go. Work the product through your hair properly and separate well before it starts clumping. 

How Long Does It Take a Wash and Go to Dry?

Wash and go’s are usually air-dried. Depending on type, length, and density of your hair, it can take from 4 hours to all day for a wash and go to dry. 

You can hurry it along by diffusing your curls with a blow dryer after you’ve finished applying your products. 

How to Preserve a Wash and Go Overnight

The secret to making a wash and go last as long as possible is wearing it up in a pineapple bun at night then wrapping a silk or satin scarf around it.

If your hair is too short for a pineapple bun, then finger coils is a better hairstyle for you otherwise you might experience a lot of tangling. 

Can You Do a Wash and Go on 4C Hair?

Yes, you can do a wash and go on coilier 4C hair. As I said before, the secret is technique and patience.

You have to take time to separate the curls so they can clump properly. Remember, a great deal of my hair is 4C too and I wear wash and gos from time to time. 

The awesome video I want to share in this article is from Naptural85. If you’re not familiar with Naptural85, she is a YouTuber who vlogs about her natural hair journey.

I’ve been following her journey since she had a TWA (teeny-weeny afro) and picked up lots of tips along the way.

I love this video because she styles a lovely wash and go using the banding method. Usually, when I do the banding method, it’s to stretch my hair while it dries so styling later on is easier.

This video incorporates styling while banding. It’s an interesting routine and one you might find easier than the usual wash and go method. 

Wash and Go Banding Method on Natural Hair

She uses DevaCurl products and the oil from the new Madam CJ Walker line by Sephora. I also picked up a great new way to make elastic hair ties for banding.

I’ve tried a variety of things over the years that didn’t work as well as I would have liked. Check out the DIY Ribbon Elastic Hair Ties below:-

Pin it for Later – Best Products for a Great Wash and Go

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