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Cooking with Herbal Oils – Basil Oil

This is a continuation of The Best Herbal Oils for Hair, Cooking & Aromatherapy. Each article is linked back to on that post so I suggest bookmarking it.

The basil is a herb from the mint family. It’s a fragrant herb with a pleasant, pungent smell and is a staple in Asian cooking.

There are many varieties of basil such as sweet basil (used in Italian cooking) and Thai basil, lemon basil, and holy basil (used in Asian cooking).

My preference is the Thai basil. The smell is stronger and gives dishes an amazing and powerful flavor.

I use Thai basil in my DIY pesto sauce, which I will be uploading shortly.

Basil Oil Uses

  • Basil oil is perfect for bread and breadsticks dipping.
  • Basil oil is excellent for those times you want a hint of basil without an overpowering flavor to the dish.
  • Basil oil gives pasta dishes a unique and distinct flavor.
  • It makes a good salad dressing by itself or with some other ingredients like salt, pepper, and pepper flakes.
  • Try marinating fish, shrimp, and chicken in basil oil emulsion

How Do You Make Basil Oil?

Making herb oils is simple. The video below demonstrates how to make basil oil but you can apply the same method to pretty much every herb oil out there.

Fresh herb oils usually last only 5 days so make in small batches at a time:

Note that basil oil is very different from basil essential oil. You should not consume basil essential oil. 

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The book is a guide that goes in-depth into which specific oil (s) works for each hair issues for optimal length and health.

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