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Iron Deficiency Hair Loss Treatment and Regrowth

When a woman start’s experiencing hair loss, iron deficiency anemia is usually the last thing that comes to mind as the reason for the hair loss.

Sometime in 2013 while massaging my scalp, I discovered a tiny bald spot in my crown. I had somehow missed this and had no idea how long it had been there.

Did You Know Your Hair Loss Could be Related to Iron Deficiency?

This was the time I was battling my bald spots around my edges and was starting to see some progress there.

Of course, I was prostrate with grief and wondered what I could have done to cause it.

I didn’t wear overly tight buns and I went to bed with my hair braided in two side buns.

I also didn’t blow dry or straighten. I knew I was doing everything right and eating right including exercise.

Can Low Iron Make Hair Fall Out?

After a process of elimination, I concluded it wasn’t something external.

The only thing left was internal issues that weren’t obvious, so I booked an appointment with my doctor.

He ordered blood tests and when the results came back, it turned out I was anemic. My immune system wasn’t up to speed and it was causing hair loss.

You can find out more about iron deficiency anemia and hair loss HERE.

Iron Deficiency Hair Loss Treatment

My iron levels weren’t too bad so my doctor prescribed iron pills over a period of 6 months and advised me to up my intake of iron-rich foods

I also consumed a lot of foods that contain vitamin C such as red capsicum, strawberries and citrus fruits because vitamin C helps iron absorb better and faster. 

In extreme cases, other iron deficiency treatments include iron infusions or a blood transfusion but this is in an extreme scenario. 

I began the treatment in earnest. I didn’t start seeing results until after about 2 months. It was slow but eventually, the spot filled back in.

It took a bit more work to get it to the same length as the rest of my hair though. I’ve documented the process in The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide.

Check out the iron deficiency hair loss before and after pics below.

Iron Deficiency Hair Loss Regrowth


Nowadays, I go in for blood tests every 6 months to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

If my doctor feels I should take more iron, he prescribes enough for 3 – 6 months. 

5 Signs of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Below are the top 10 signs that indicate iron deficiency anemia in the body. I exhibited some of them but I attributed it to work stress. 

1. Hair Loss

The most prominent sign of iron deficiency anemia could be hair loss that manifests in bald spots like mine.

There may also be several bald spots in different areas as well as thinning around the edges.

Additionally, you may also experience excessive shedding and in some cases, chunks of hair might come out when handling. 

When this happens, your body is channeling the blood into more important areas where it’s required.

Since your scalp isn’t getting this, it leads to weaker hair. 

2. You Feel Lethargic & Tired

You feel lethargic most of the time even when you’re well-rested and there’s no reason to be tired.

You get winded after a few activities or too tired to go to the gym. You may also find climbing the stairs tiresome. 

3. Heavy Periods

If you’re experiencing heavy periods, you will likely have iron deficiency and should check this ASAP.

This is one of the fastest ways to develop iron deficiency anemia.

A good indication of this is the frequency of tampon change. If you have to change every two hours, you should definitely see a gynecologist. 

4. Pale Tongue

A healthy tongue is a healthy shade of pink. If your tongue looks grey and dull, something’s definitely off.

Your lips, gums, and general skin tone might also be off and you could have breakouts.

5. Lack of Appetite

Lack of a healthy appetite might also come into play here. This doesn’t happy for everybody.

I remember I never felt like eating anything and only ate so I wouldn’t faint. 

Iron Deficiency Hair Loss Treatment & Regrowth

If you experience any of the above, you should definitely go in for blood and urine tests. Iron intake isn’t a cure-all for bald spots.

However, it optimizes your body’s ability to grow back healthy hair. Remember to also continue with massages with oils while taking the iron.

Do not take iron supplements if you do not have an iron deficiency. Iron overload is dangerous. Iron deficiency is just one possible cause of hair loss. 

There is always a possibility it could be something else. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the blood tests done to eliminate this possibility before you investigate something else. 

Always see a doctor before you start taking supplements that will have a bearing on your health.

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The book is a comprehensive tool for recovering from hair loss, regrowing bald spots, and filling in thin areas of your scalp.

The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide

There’s a whole chapter in there dedicated to the causes of hair loss, why and how to overcome these issues on the way to achieving your hair growth goals.

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