Max Hydration Method Curl Shake Video :)

I’ve been testing out the Max Hydration Method for quite some time with different variations of products, clay mixes, conditioners, oils, and gels.

I started with the original method but it really does take quite a long time to get through it especially if you have long hair.

After the first few weeks, I started modifying the max hydration method and I’ve now got it down to less than 2 hours with fantastic results.

This is a video I made about a month back just to see how my hair is coming along. I love the swing in the video. 

My curls are so defined and bouncy and it lasts for quite a few days with daily refreshes with a spritz or two of water mixed with KKKT

Max Hydration Method results with Video

Max Hydration Method Content

If you’re new to the max hydration method, below are all the articles from around the site about trying out the max hydration method on curly hair.

These articles are a great jumping-off point if you’re thinking of trying the max hydration method on dry hair:-

Max Hydration Method Results

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In the resource, I break down the method in great detail plus how to choose the best products for each step of the regimen for your hair type. 

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