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365 Days of Moisture for Dry and Parched Hair

Banish Dry and Parched Hair Days Away Forever

365 Days of Moisture for Dry and Parched Hair is the fourth book in the Healthy Hair Care Series.

Do you experience dry and parched hair no matter what you do to your hair?

Does your hair feel like sandpaper no matter how many hair products you apply?

Despair no more!

Dry and thirsty hair is the bane of many naturals and a lot of people accept it as the status quo. However, this is not the way natural hair should be. 

Unchecked dry natural hair can lead to extreme breakage, uneven hair lengths, and texture that seems to snap off whenever you touch it.

Properly moisturised natural hair is beautiful and healthy and you can handle and style without causing breakage and unnecessary hair loss. 

There is a process in hair care that leads to this moisturised hair nirvana however and a lot of naturals miss several steps in this process. 

365 Days of Moisture for Dry & Parched Hair is Book 4 in the Healthy Hair Care Series and covers what you need to know and practice to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

The book offers the best solutions and dry hair remedies for you to achieve and maintain moisture every day of the year and longer.

It also covers the best hair care practices for perfect moisture retention on even the driest of hair, the best products that fit every budget, and much more. 


365 Days of Moisture also includes a special bonus – a hair journal, planner, and workbook created specifically for use with the book. ($20 Value)

There are also additional bonuses worth over $50 included with 365 Days of Moisture for Dry and Parched Hair. It’s incredible value all around.

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The book is available in paperback and e-book format but subscribers to the mailing list get 10% off the paperback format and all the other books in the Healthy Hair Care series.

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Banish dry and parched hair problems away forever. Best dry hair remedies for natural and transitioning hair