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3 Top Benefits of Harungana for Mature Skin

Bet you didn’t know much about harungana before landing on this article. 

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to find out everything there is to know about harungana and how to include it in your beauty regimen especially if you have mature skin.

The first time I came across harungana, I’d been using Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Lift and Super Restorative Hand Cream for some time.

I was impressed with the results after only a few weeks of use. I delved deeper into the ingredients and came upon harungana extract.

What is Harungana?

Harungana extract, harungana madagascariensis, comes from the leaves of the Harungana, a flowering plant found in Africa. 

Harungana is aka dragon’s blood treeorange-milk tree, and haronga.

In local communities, harungana is used for therapeutic purposes. The plant produces a red sap used as a treatment for ringworm in Liberia.

In other parts of Africa, it’s used to treat scabies and tapeworm. 

Fast Fact – the Harungana tree has powerful regenerating properties and encourages reforestation by colonizing barren soils in places where it grows.


How is Harungana Extract Made?

The leaves of the harungana plant are picked and dried then immersed in water. 

After a while, the liquid goes through various stages of filtration, purification, and evaporation to produce the Harungana extract.  

The resulting extract is a viscous brown-red liquid with an earthy smell. 

Top Harungana Benefits for Skin

1. Potent Antiaging Plant

In cosmetic production, harungana extract is used to prevent premature aging, reduce the appearance of damage on the skin, and promote elasticity.

The anti-aging effects of Harungana extract also apply to the neck and décolleté area. 

2. Effective Replacement for Retinol

Clarins research found that organic harungana extract is as effective as retinol in skin care. 

Clarins entire Super Restorative Line is made from organic harungana extract.

Retinol is a popular anti-ageing molecule. However, some people are sensitive to retinol which makes harungana extract a suitable replacement. 

This study found Harungana Madagascariensis extract induces a retinol-like gene induction profile.

3. Intense Hydration for Dry Skin

The anti-aging effects of harungana extract also provide a lot of skin conditioning and hydration for dry and mature skin. 

Where To Buy Harungana Extract?

You’re unlikely to find harungana extract on its own. Best to find products with Harungana extract to get the benefits of this natural ingredient.

Harungana Madagascariensis Extract Beauty Products

Clarins Super Restorative Collection  

Formulated for women in their 50s, Clarins Super Restorative Collection features a redensifying skincare set for day and night care. 

The collection includes an anti-aging day cream, a remodeling serum, an anti-aging night moisturizer, a hand cream, a rose radiance cream, total eye lift, and a treatment essence. 

Clarins Nutri-Lumière Collection

Clarins Nutri-Lumière Collection is formulated for women in their 60s and rejuvenates mature skin with a renewed glow.

The collection includes a day and night emulsion, a day and night cream, a treatment essence, and a revive cream. 

MCaffeine Vitamin C Green Tea Face Serum

MCaffeine Vitamin C Green Tea Face Serum provides up to 72 hours hydration in addition to protection from sun damage. 

The Green Tea Face Serum is lightweight and enriching that rejuvenates and calms the skin with vitamin C, green tea leaves, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid. 

Hero Cosmetics Force Shield Superlight Sunscreen (SPF 30)

Hero Cosmetics Force Shield provides a lightweight sunscreen with a high SPF that works without clogging pores. 

It’s quick absorbing and super hydrating and is suitable for all skin types. 

Final Word on Harungana Extract

Harungana extract is a fantastic natural product that helps lift, regenerate skin cells and smooth out wrinkles. 

It’s a potent and effective anti-aging botanical plant so can’t go wrong adding products with harungana extract to your skin care regimen. 

And if you’re one of the people who find the effects of retinol too strong for your skin, harungana extract makes a gentle but just as effective alternative.


Abi is a curly hair expert who delved into the world of natural oils after severe hair loss issues. Through her research, study, and testing, she was able to regrow her bald spots & a healthy head of hair. She is the founder of Healthy Natural Hair Products & Ade Ori Hair Care, and the author of the highly-rated Healthy Hair Care Series. She continues to study hair science, Ayurveda, and natural and healthy solutions for hair and skin. Learn more about our Editorial Guidelines

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