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11 Lounging Pajamas for a Perfect Self-care Weekend

If you’re dying to give your loungewear wardrobe a much-needed upgrade, here are 11 gorgeous lounging pajamas that will get you super excited about a self-care weekend and beyond.

11 Lounging Pajamas for a Perfect Self-care Weekend

You don’t have to spend your weeks walking around in a pair of old raggedy pajamas or your significant other’s old oversized sweatshirt from college.

These chic and cozy lounging pajamas are a total game-changer for your personal style.

Not only will you look your best while lounging indoors, but you won’t feel embarrassed when you need to step outside to throw away the trash or pick up the mail.

Best Lounging Pajamas Ideas

1. Knit Hoodie and Shorts Pajama Set 

Knit Hoodie and Shorts Pajama Set

This two-piece hoodie pajama set is perfect for lounging around the house in style.

This set is made out of waffle fabric and it’s soft and stretchy. It comes in different colors such as black, green, blue, and gray.

They’re so stylish, you can wear them while you walk your dogs or chill on the couch. BUY HERE.

2. Gisele Long PJ Set 

Gisele Long PJ Set

The Gisele PJ Set is a total classic. Its soft material is comfortable to the touch, oh-so snuggly, and slips easily over your skin.

The set has been tailored to hug your body’s curves. You’ll be so comfortable in these, you’ll be reaching for them time after time. BUY HERE.

3. Washable Silk Pajamas

Washable Silk Pajamas

This set comes with an oversized top that was designed to provide a relaxed fit. It also comes with a stylish pair of bottoms.

The naturally thermoregulating silk is elegant and flattering. Best of all?

You can just throw these in the washing machine when you’re tired of wearing them! BUY HERE.

4. Long-Sleeve Soft Cotton Pajama Set 

Long-Sleeve Soft Cotton Pajama Set

The Long-Sleeve Cotton Pajama Set is stretchy and comfortable so you’ll feel like you’re cozying up in bed the moment you slip into them.

They’re available in a cute periwinkle and black color plus tall and plus sizes. BUY HERE.

5. Soft Double Cotton Pajamas 

Soft Double Cotton Pajama

Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with these Soft Double Cotton Pajama set.

Its super soft crumpled cotton texture will get a tad more textured every time you wash it.

But you can just iron them if you’d like a more polished look.

This set comes in colors such as turquoise, gingham blue-white, soft gray, and pink. BUY HERE.

6. Lazy One Sleep Set 

Lazy One Sleep Set

Looking for PJs that are comfy, loose, and flowy, with a fun but elegant print? Then snuggle up to this set from Lazy One.

The fabric is thin enough that your skin will be able to breathe at night and you’ll feel comfortable all day long.

Plus you can order tops and bottoms separately so you can customize them to your fit and style. BUY HERE.

7. Personalized Satin Pajamas 

Personalized Satin Pajama

This deluxe satin pajama set comes with plenty of stretch to make you want to lounge around in them for days.

The pants have button fasteners so you never have to worry about any embarrassing moments when you’re walking around the house.

But best of all, you can personalize the floral embroidery with up to 11 characters in the front.

Who’s ready to snooze in these after a long day? BUY HERE.

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7. Floral Lounging Pajamas Set 

Floral Lounging Pajamas Set

These floral lounging pajamas are full cotton and sport a fresh style in an attractive floral pattern.

Handmade and ideal for casual all-day home wear and more. BUY HERE.

8. PajamaGram Capri Lounging Pajamas 

PajamaGram Capri Lounging Pajamas

These Capri lounging pajamas are made from soft cotton jersey and designed for comfort with an elastic, drawstring waist.

A relaxed fit Capri bottom paired with a playful tee that works well for day wear around the house.

The pajama set is available in various designs and 12 color motifs. BUY HERE.

9. Short Sleeve Lounging Pajamas 

Short Sleeve Lounging Pajamas

These lounging pajamas have short sleeves and are made from high-quality soft, comfortable, stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric.

Perfect for casual wear around the house and all night. Contrast color decor around the sleeve and bottoms.

The pajama set is available in black, leopard, navy blue, purple, and red. BUY HERE.

10. Addison Meadow Lounging Pajamas Set 

Addison Meadow Lounging Pajamas Set

Made from the softest, breathable material with a loose fit and a personalized fit, these lounging pajamas are perfect for downtime.

Available in pink, teal, lavender print, black and pink print. BUY HERE.

11. Addison Meadow Top & Leggings Lounging Pajamas 

Addison Meadow Top & Leggings Lounging Pajamas

This striped pajama top is paired with comfy stretch leggings in spandex. This is a set that flatters your shape with every move.

The lounging pajama set is available in 11 different colors and patterns to suit every taste. BUY HERE.

Have a great time picking out just the right lounging pajamas for your self-care weekend!

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