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29 Best Mother’s Day Gift Cards (Ideas for Every Budget)

The top 29 Mother’s Day gift cards you can send directly to mom or another mother figure in your life plus extra Mother’s Day gift ideas.

If you have a hard time picking out just the right type of gift for your mom, gift cards are perfect.

Mom gets to choose what she wants and you get to look good. You can send most of these gift cards by regular mail or by e-delivery.

Your only challenge now is finding the right kind of Mother’s Day gift cards and that’s where I’ve got you covered.

This Mother’s Day gift guide contains gift cards from a lot of major retailers and is easily accessible online.

And the best thing about Mother’s Day gift cards? They are perfect as last-minute Mother’s Day gifts if you’ve left things up to, well, the last minute!

29 Best Mother's Day Gift Cards

How Are Mother’s Day Gift Cards Delivered?

Mother’s Day gift cards are usually delivered via three avenues depending on the retailer:-

  • As a physical gift card in a cute box or envelope with a note.
  • As an e-gift card sent directly to the recipient by email or mobile.
  • As an e-gift card sent to you by email. You can then print it out and package it in a cute envelope like these with a note.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Cards

1. Cocotique Beauty Gift Card 

Cocotique Beauty Gift Card

Cocotique beauty box features 5 – 8 full-sized beauty products every month. Gift mom a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription.

Keep surprising mom long after Mother’s Day with the Cocotique gift card option. SHOP NOW.

2. Netflix Gift Card 

Netflix Gift CardThe Netflix gift card can be used to offset monthly or annual costs of Netflix. It is available in denominations of $30, $60, and $100.

The funds never expire and it’s delivered by email within a few hours. SHOP NOW.

3. Best Mom Ever Target Gift Card 

Best Mom Ever Target Gift Card

With the best mom ever gift card from Target, mom can choose from thousands of items she likes from Target.

The gift card is available in denominations of $10 – $200 but you can enter your own amount.

The gift card can be delivered by mail, email, or mobile. Free delivery if you choose the mail option. SHOP NOW.

4. Google Play Gift Card  

Google Play Gift Card

Mom can use this gift card on Google Play for over a million apps and games!

The card is available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 denominations and funds never expire. This gift card is delivered by email only. SHOP NOW.

5. Hulu Gift Card 

Hulu Gift Card

Hulu gift cards are good for Hulu subscriptions. The card is available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations.

The Hulu gift card never expires and is deliverable via email. SHOP NOW.

6. Lowe’s Gift Card 

Lowe’s Gift Card

A Lowe’s gift card gives mom carte blanche to pretty up her home with something she’s been eyeing for a while.

Lowe’s gift card is available in $25 – $500 denominations and is delivered via email. The funds never expire. SHOP NOW.

7. You are Wonderful Gift Card 

You are Wonderful Mother's Day Gift Card

Another Mother’s Day gift card from Target in a different design with the words – You Are Wonderful.

You Are Wonderful gift card is available in denominations of $10 – $200 but you can enter your own amount.

The gift card is deliverable by mail (free delivery), email, or mobile. SHOP NOW.

8. Lululemon Gift Card 

Lululemon Gift Card

Lululemon gift cards for the yoga mom. However, the gift card can be used to purchase other lifestyle apparel.

Lululemon gift cards have no expiration date and are available in 8 major currencies starting from $10 – $1,000.

The gift card is deliverable by mail (free shipping) and email. SHOP NOW.

9. Gaiam Gift Certificate 

Gaiam Gift Certificate Mother's Day

Gaiam offers yoga, fitness, meditation, and recovery products – a great gift card for someone who cares about wellness and the environment.

The gift card is available in denominations from $25 – $200 and is only deliverable by email. SHOP NOW.

10. Sweaty Betty Gift Card 

Sweaty Betty Gift Card

Sweaty Betty offers lifestyle and fitness apparel for women and the gift card is available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations.

The card is shipped in a cute recycled pouch with a key ring holder and ships free. SHOP NOW.

11. Gift Card Mother's Day Gift Card

Every kind of shoe imaginable is up for the shoe lover with gift cards.

The gift card is available in denominations of $25 – $300 and is only deliverable by email. SHOP NOW.

12. Adidas Gift Card 

Adidas Gift Card

Adidas Mother’s Day gift cards feature 6 gorgeous illustrations depicting a different story.

Available in denominations of $25 – $250 and deliverable by email only. SHOP NOW.

13. Anthropologie Gift Cards 

Anthropologie Gift Cards - Mother's Day

Anthropologie gift cards are available in various designs but this one is particularly gorgeous.

The card comes in a charming yellow sleeve and includes a card to write a message.

The card never expires and ships free. Available in denominations of $25 – $2,000. Email delivery options also available. SHOP NOW.

14. Apple Gift Card 

Apple Gift Card, Mother's Day

Mom can go crazy stocking up on a new Apple device, some cute accessories, or something from the app store.

Apple gift cards can be used across several Apple brands and do not expire. Available in denominations of $25 – $2000.

You can send it by email or mail but the mail version has a really funky design that can also be a nice keepsake. SHOP NOW.

15. Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card 

Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card, Mother's Day

Bergdorf Goodman’s traditional gift cards have an elegant design that’s shipped in an attractive gift box.

However, there’s an e-mail option available as well. You can get in denominations of $25 – $1,000.

The traditional cards ship free but if you’ve left it till the very last minute, overnight shipping is available for a nominal fee. SHOP NOW.

16. BaubleBar Gift Card  

Baublebar Gift Card

Help mom get her bling on with a BaubleBar gift card. She can check out custom jewelry, charms, bracelets, and more.

BaubleBar gift cards are available as physical cards or by email in denominations of $10 – $1,000.

You can also personalize your gift card design before ordering. SHOP NOW.

17. Etsy Gift Card 

Mother's Day Etsy Gift Card

With millions of vintage and handmade items from independent artisans from all over the world, I bet your mom would love an Etsy gift card.

Etsy gift cards are available in 5 currencies and start from $25 all the way up to $250.

Etsy gift cards are only available via email. SHOP NOW.

18. Coach Gift Card 

Coach Gift Card Mother's Day

For the mom that loves collecting classic and elegant bags and purses, Coach is the one for Mother’s Day.

Available in $25 to $1,000 value and ships free but also can be sent via email. SHOP NOW.

19. Cole Haan Gift Card 

Cole Haan Gift Card

Cole Haan gift cards celebrate individual style. With gift cards available in denominations of $25 to $500, mom can really stock up her favorites.

You can send it as an e-card or a physical card, which comes in an elegant branded sleeve. SHOP NOW.

20. Kate Spade Gift Card 

Kate Spade Gift Card

Kate Spade is synonymous with classic, chic, elegant, and unapologetically feminine.

The signature mark is integrated into the Kate Spade gift card, which is available as a physical card and e-card.

Get it in denominations of $10 – $500 plus free shipping. SHOP NOW.

21. Kohl’s Gift Cards 

The Greatest Mom Kohl's Gift Card

There are different design options available for the Kohl’s Mother’s Day gift cards but the most popular is The Greatest Mom card.

Available in denominations from $5 to $300 and deliverable via email only. The card never expires. SHOP NOW.

22. Michael Kors Gift Card

Michael Kors Gift Card

Make mom feel super special this Mother’s Day with a Michael Kors gift card.

Choose a card in the amount of $20 up to $2,000 and have it sent by mail (free shipping) or email. SHOP NOW.

23. NARS Gift Card 

NARS Gift Card, Mother's Day

A NARS gift card is a great way to stock up on make-up and beauty favorites.

Get it in amounts of $25 to $500. This is available as an e-card only and never expires. SHOP NOW.

24. Sephora Gift Card 

Sephota Gift Card Mother's Day

You can get really creative with Sephora gift cards by choosing a design, adding a family photo then adding funds between $10 to $500.

You can then send it as a classic gift card or as an e-gift card. You can also include a personalized message with the classic card. SHOP NOW.

25. Neiman Marcus Gift Card 

Neiman Marcus Gift Card, Mother's Day

Neiman Marcus gift cards are shipped free in an elegant decorative sleeve but e-gift options are also available.

Add $25 up to $1,000 to the gift card and they never expire. SHOP NOW.

26. Ulta Gift Card 

Ulta Gift Card

Ulta is the home of everything hair, body, beauty, makeup, and more. Lots to spend an Ulta gift card on.

Opt for a personalized physical card that ships free or an e-gift card with denominations of $10 to $500. SHOP NOW.

27. Wayfair Gift Card 

Wayfair Gift Card Mother's Day

Wayfair’s Mother’s Day gift cards are only available via email. Let mom choose some new cushions, a sofa, brush up on the decor, or something else.

Available in denominations of $25 to $500 with personalized message options. The gift card never expires. SHOP NOW.

28. Williams-Sonoma Gift Card 

Williams Sonoma Gift Card

Williams-Sonoma gift cards are delivered by mail with free shipping or by email.

Physical gift cards arrive in a special envelope with a personal message. Gift cards available in denominations of $25 to $500.

Williams-Sonoma gift cards are also redeemable at Pottery Barn, PBteen, Williams Sonoma Home, West Elm, and Mark & Graham. SHOP NOW.

29. Walmart Gift Card 

Walmart Gift Card Mother's Day

Choose from two gorgeous designs from this Mother’s Day gift card from Walmart.

Load funds in the amount of $5 up to $500 plus a personalized message. This card is only available by email and never expires. SHOP NOW.

I hope you found the right gift card for mom from this Mother’s Day gift cards list.

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29 Best Mother's Day Gift Cards (Ideas for Every Budget)

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