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Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Overview

The Dyson professional hair dryer became very popular in the past few years. A powerful tool that helps you blowout hair without causing damage.

Dyson professional hair dryer also has a design that’s unique to the Dyson brand.

I’ve covered the use of a hair dryer previously in 10 Most Recommended Blow Dryers for Thick, Curly Hair. In this article, I’ll be covering:-

  • The subtle differences between the Dyson Supersonic and Dyson Professional Hair Dryer
  • What makes the Dyson Professional Hair Dryer special
  • Dyson Hair Dryer alternatives
  • Dyson Professional Hair Dryer stand
  • What’s included in the Dyson Professional Hair Dryer box and
  • Where to buy Dyson Professional Hair Dryer

A Little About Dyson

Up until a few years ago, I believed the only thing Dyson produced were household items like vacuum cleaners and heating fans.

However, they do have a comprehensive hair care product line as well.

Dyson was founded by James Dyson in 1978 and he invented the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner.

Today, Dyson has a presence in over 60 countries with an ever-evolving product line to make our lives easier.

With the hair styling range, Dyson has reengineered the process of hair drying and compacted the traditional hair dryer.

The company went through 50 designs with over 100 engineers and $40,000 worth of hair extensions before the perfect Dyson professional hair dryer prototype was born.

Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Overview

What is the Difference Between Dyson Supersonic and Dyson Professional Hair Dryer? 

They are essentially the same thing but there is a professional version, which was previously only available to stylists and salon owners.

The professional version has a few different features like a longer cord and improved magnetic attachments.

The professional version’s filter is also removable and washable and comes with a filter-cleaning brush.

What’s Special About Dyson Professional Hair Dryer?

The question should be what’s not special about it. Check out some of the outstanding things that make Dyson’s professional hair dryer special below.

1. Dyson Professional Hair Dryer is Super Fast

The Dyson professional hair dryer motor spins approximately 6 times faster than other hair dryer motors yet it produces minimal noise.

The hair dryer is equipped with patented Air Multiplier™ technology.

This technology applies the hair flow and produces a high-pressure, high-velocity jet of controlled air, for faster drying.

2. Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Prevents Damaged Hair

The Dyson professional hair dryer is engineered with intelligent heat control, which measures hair flow to prevent extreme heat damage

3. Dyson Professional Hair Dryer is Engineered for Textured Hair

The Dyson professional hair dryer has several different attachments engineered to style different types of hair especially textured hair.

Included among these functional attachments are a wide-tooth comb attachment and gentle air attachment. I breakdown each attachment below.

4. Dyson Professional Hair Dryer is Quiet

One of the reasons I hate using hair dryers is because they are so damn noisy.

The Dyson professional hair dryer motor is located in the handle of the dryer, which makes for a quieter hair drying experience.

5. Dyson Professional Hair Dryer is Small and Handy

The Dyson professional hair dryer is smaller and lighter than most traditional hair dryers.

This makes for a more comfortable drying experience plus it’s easy to manipulate the hair dryer and other hair styling tools at the same time.

6. Versatile Magnetic Attachments

The attachments included in the Dyson professional hair dryer are magnetic and easy to snap on and off while styling hair.

7. Convenient Cord

The Dyson professional hair dryer is 11 inches long so you can stretch out a bit if you don’t have a power outlet in a convenient location.

Other features of the Dyson Professional Hair Dryer include:-

  • 3 precise speed settings for gentle drying, regular drying, and fast-drying with constant cool flow
  • 4 precise heat settings with the maximum being 212°F (100°C)
  • Negative ions to reduce static in the hair
  • Cold shot button

Dyson Professional Hair Dryer

Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Attachments

The Dyson Professional Hair Dryer comes with the standard attachments – styling concentrator and diffuser.

It also comes with a smoothing nozzle for creating a smooth and natural finish. However, you can purchase the following additional attachments:-

Gentle air attachment, which is designed for fine hair and sensitive scalps. It diffuses with a gentle, cooler airflow but still dries hair fast.

Wide-tooth comb attachment for curly and textured hair. It lengthens hair as it dries and can also be used to create volume and shape.

How Much is Dyson Professional Hair Dryer?

The Dyson professional hair dryer is not cheap. The original supersonic version is about $399 and the professional version is around $499.

If you choose to include additional magnetic attachments or a presentation case, the price goes up a little bit more.

Is it really worth investing that much in a hair dryer? My take on it would be, how are you going to use it?

If you need a hair dryer to just dry your hair, then it might be cheaper to buy a regular hair dryer.

However, if you want to style your hair with the hair dryer as well then the Dyson professional hair dryer is perfect for your needs.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it and want to have it in your hair care arsenal anyway, I say go for it. 

With good care, a Dyson professional hair dryer can last for years at a time. 

You can also opt for the original Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, which is also very good.

Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Stand 

One of the accessories produced for use with the Dyson professional hair dryer is the Dyson Supersonic presentation stand.

You can put everything in place while styling your hair and organize all your attachments.

There are alternatives to this presentation stand available but none appear as sleek and sturdy as the original HERE.

Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Presentation Stand

Do Expensive Hair Dryers Make a Difference?

Yes, expensive hair dryers make a difference. They are specially designed to prevent heat damage and static.

The more expensive ones also use quality materials and are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

I use a hair dryer maybe 4 times a year if that so can get by on the cheaper brands. 

If you use a hair dryer several times a month though, then you want the pricier ones for a higher level of protection.

What’s Included in the Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Box?

The Dyson Professional Hair Dryer box includes the hair dryer, smoothing nozzle, concentrator, diffuser, spare filter cage, and non-slip mat. 

The product also includes the operations manual, a two-year warranty, and an elegant storage hanger.

Dyson Professional Hair Dryer attachments

Where Can I Buy the Dyson Professional Hair Dryer?

The Dyson Professional Hair Dryer comes in various blinged-out colors such as fuchsia, blue, gold, and more.

It’s available exclusively on the Dyson website HERE. You can also find the earlier supersonic version  HERE.

Dyson Hair Products

Other great hair products in the Dyson hair styling range include:-

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Dyson Corrale Straightener

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Dyson Airwrap Styler

Dyson Hair Dryer Alternatives

Other hair dryers (under $50) similar to the Dyson professional hair dryer but without the same price tag include:-

Salmue Professional Hair Dryer

Salmue Professional Hair Dryer

Spriak Ionic Hair Dryer

Spriak Ionic Hair Dryer

Slopehill Professional Ionic Hairdryer

Slopehill Professional Ionic Hairdryer

Have you tried the Dyson Professional Hair Dryer before? Share your experience in the comments section. 

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