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Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe – DIY Holiday Gifts

Hot cocoa bombs, or hot chocolate bombs, have become a thing this year, and why not?

They are delicious, pretty to look at, and deliver a delightful surprise when activated with hot milk.

Hot cocoa bombs are suitable for just about everyone and not just chocoholics by the way.

Even though this article will be looking at hot cocoa bombs as holiday gifts, you can give hot cocoa bombs as gifts for different occasions as well.

In this hot cocoa bomb article, I’ll be covering the most frequent inquiries about cocoa bombs:-

  • What is a hot cocoa bomb?
  • How do you pack hot cocoa bombs?
  • How long are hot cocoa bombs good for?
  • Ingredients & supplies for hot cocoa bombs
  • Hot cocoa bomb recipes
  • Where to buy cocoa bombs?

Hot Cocoa Bomb Holiday GiftsWhat is a Hot Cocoa Bomb?

So what are hot cocoa bombs and why do people love them so much?

A hot cocoa bomb is a spherical-shaped dome filled with all kinds of goodies such as marshmallows, sprinkles, and chocolate mix.

The spherical dome itself is made out of milk, white or dark chocolate. It can also be made out of a mix of all three.

The cocoa bomb is dropped in a glass of hot milk to reveal an explosion of color and flavor.

How Do You Pack Hot Cocoa Bombs?

If you’re planning to gift hot cocoa bombs for the holidays, you need one or more of the following gift wrapping items:-

You don’t need all of the above but they allow you to get very creative with gift wrapping your cocoa bombs once they’re ready.

How Long Are Hot Cocoa Bombs Good For?

Depending on the contents, packaging, and how you store it, hot cocoa bombs should last from 3 – 4 weeks.

However, if it tastes funny before the 4-week mark, you should absolutely throw it out.

Not quite sure anyone will be able to wait 4 weeks to finish their hot cocoa bomb supply though!

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Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipes

Hot cocoa bombs are a lot of fun to make and are a great gift idea especially if you’ve left gift shopping to the last minute.

The hot cocoa bombs below are holiday-themed so you can choose from one, two, or more to gift someone this Christmas.

For other occasions such as Easter and Valentine’s Day, you can modify the ingredients to match the occasion.

Ingredients & Supplies for Hot Cocoa Bombs

For hot cocoa bomb recipes, you usually need the following ingredients and supplies:-

Silicone mold for cocoa bombs

Silicone Sphere Mold 

Cookie Cutter Kingdom Store Piping Bag

Piping Bag 

Vegan Marshmallows Vanilla Minis

Mini Marshmallows 

Hot Cocoa Mix for Cocoa Bombs

Hot Cocoa Mix 

Wilton Holiday Mix 6 cell Sprinkles

Sprinkles for Decor 

Other things you can decorate a hot cocoa bomb with include edible gold dust, crushed candy canes, and pumpkin spice.

Premium cooking chocolate for hot cocoa bomb

Premium Cooking Chocolate 

Digital Candy Thermometer for making hot cocoa bomb

Digital Candy Thermometer 

Decorator Brushes for decorating hot cocoa bomb

Decorator Brushes 

How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

Gifting Hot Cocoa Bombs

If you’re giving cocoa bombs as a gift, you could add a very nice festive or funny mug to it.

Below are some great fun and personalized festive mugs to complete gifting cocoa bombs:-

Hot Chocolate Mug with Snowman

Hot Chocolate Mug with Snowman

Personalized Snowman Hot Chocolate Mug

Personalized Snowman Hot Chocolate Mug 

Cocoa and Snuggles Mug

Cocoa and Snuggles Mug 

But First, Hot Cocoa Mug

But First, Hot Cocoa Mug 

Where to Buy Hot Cocoa Bombs?

If you’re not keen on making cocoa bombs, below are some great recommendations for buying the best cocoa bombs:-

Hot Chocolate Melting Bomb

Hot Chocolate Melting Bomb

Thoughtfully Gifts Hot Chocolate Bombs

Thoughtfully Gifts Hot Chocolate Bombs 

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs 

Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bombs

Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bombs 

12 Days Of Christmas Hot Cocoa Bombs

12 Days Of Christmas Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Happy Holidays!

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Hot cocoa bomb recipes

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