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Festive Body Scrubs – DIY Holiday Gifts

Body scrubs are an incredible addition to any skincare regimen. They make a great exfoliation treatment during the dry winter months.

Homemade body scrubs make a creative and thoughtful holiday gift and are also good as stocking stuffers.

You only need a few ingredients and supplies to create homemade body scrub holiday gifts.

The holiday season is normally very stressful with so many things demanding attention.

When you combine that with all the craziness of 2020, a relaxing and stress relieving homemade body scrub makes an ideal gift.

Give it to someone or just make it for yourself as a treat for the holidays. These body scrub gifts are holiday-themed.

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DIY holiday gift ideas - festive body scrubs

Why Homemade Body Scrubs?

Homemade body scrubs gently slough away dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

They’re made of all-natural ingredients and with the right combination of essential oils, they make a great de-stressing treatment.

Ingredients & Supplies for Homemade Body Scrubs

The ingredients vary depending on the kind of homemade body scrub you’re making.

How to Gift Homemade Body Scrubs

You will need a mason jar or an airtight jar like this one. You will also need some labels such as these and maybe twine to tie around the neck.

If you like, you can also combine labels with a little gift tag like this around the neck of the jar.

DIY Body Scrub Holiday Gift Recipes

More Holiday Gift Ideas

DIY body scrub holiday gift recipes

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