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Acai Berry Oil

I use acai berry powder in my smoothies but never tried acai berry oil until recently so is acai oil good for hair?

Acai berry has an amazing nutrient profile and is a fantastic oil for mature skin as well as damaged hair.

In this article, I’ll be sharing acai oil nutrition profile, benefits for hair, how to use acai oil on hair, and some great acai oil recipes for hair.

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Acai berry oil benefits

What is Acai Berry Oil Good For?

Acai berry oil is aka Euterpe Oleracea fruit oil. It is derived from the Acai palm, which is native to Brazil and other regions of South and Central America.

Acai fruit is a traditional food in many regions of South America.

The edible dark purple berries harvested from the tree is valued for its healing and energizing attributes.

Acai berry oil is full of Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids. It is also a rich source of anthocyanins and anti-inflammatory phenols.

After the berries are sustainably harvested, the oil is cold-pressed from the seeds, then filtered for purity and packaged for freshness.

The resultant oil is a dark green/purplish hue of medium viscosity with a neutral scent.

acai berry oil

8 Acai Oil Benefits for Hair

1. Restores Hair Elasticity

Due to the perfect essential fatty acid profile, acai oil restores hair elasticity and makes strands more resilient and flexible in the long term. 

2. Excellent Emollient

As a powerful emollient, acai oil is effective for locking in moisture and preventing dry hair.

3. Perfect Sealing Oil

Acai oil has quick absorption properties, which makes it a great sealing oil. When applied to hair, it is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave behind a greasy feel.

4. Highly Moisturizing

Acai oil is a highly moisturizing oil with a lot of amino acids. It can be added to hair conditioners and deep conditioners for a more effective treatment.

5. Protects Hair

The combination of antioxidant nutrients in acai oil coats and protects the hair from environmental damage such as UV rays.

This protective element means your hair is less likely to become dry, dull, and brittle or develop split ends.

6. Prevents Hair Color from Fading

The potent antioxidant content in acai oil prevents oxidation, which is one of the reasons hair color fades faster.

The benefits of acai oil are undeniable. It’s one of the ingredients in my soon to be launched hair oils line

7. Acai Berry Oil Strengthens Hair

Acai oil contains Vitamins B1 (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), and B3 (Niacin) – essential vitamins that contribute to nourished and stronger hair follicles.

This is even more effective because of the zinc contained in acai oil. Together, your hair grows stronger and healthier.

8. Ideal for Fine Hair

Acai oil is a light, easily absorbed texture, which makes it ideal for fine hair because it won’t weigh down the hair.

Acai oil is highly recommended for dry and damaged hair for that extra dose of hydration, protection, and shine!

Acai Oil Uses

Acai oil is a popular ingredient in hair and skincare formulations. It can be used for skin serums, lip balms, and hair conditioners.

Acai oil can also be used in aromatherapy and massage oils for dry and tired skin.

Acai Oil Nourishing Scalp Oil



  • Pour all the oils into the bottle.
  • Close and shake.
  • Use as a scalp massage oil 2 – 3 times a week. You can also use this recipe as an overnight pre-poo treatment although it’s primarily for the scalp.

Buy Acai Oil Here

Acai oil is more expensive than other oils because the volume of oil extracted during a session is quite low. The demand for acai berry oil is also quite high.

The fruit is a common source of income for families from the region and most acai is wild-harvested and fair trade.

Alia Pure Acai Berry Oil

Alia Pure Acai Berry Oil

Val Naturals Acai Berry Oil

Val Naturals Acai Berry Oil  

Eco Aurous Acai Berry Oil

Eco Aurous Acai Berry Oil

Acai oil can also be labeled as acai berry oil and acai fruit oil on products.

Acai Oil Shelf Life

The average shelf life of acai oil is 12 months when properly stored (refrigerated and away from sunlight) in a sealed container.

Acai Berry Oil Hair Products

Interested in hair products formulated with acai berry oil? Below are some popular recommendations. Click any link to check out the reviews and learn more

You can also incorporate acai berry into your diet. I will cover acai berry powder benefits and best uses in the next article.


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