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Pracaxi Oil Recipes for Hair

Pracaxi oil recipes can restore moisture and elasticity to dry and dull hair and improve damaged hair texture. Pracaxi oil is also ideal for heat styling.

The pracaxi oil series started with Pracaxi Oil Benefits for Hair where I covered the benefits of pracaxi oil for hair and where to buy the best pracaxi oil.

If you’re suffering from dry and dull hair issues, consider adding pracaxi oil to your hair care regimen.

I share some awesome and moisturizing pracaxi oil recipes for hair in this article.

Pracaxi oil is a rich oil and you need only a little bit in any treatment. It has multiple applications but the recipes below are particularly effective.

Best Pracaxi Oil Recipes for Hair

Best Pracaxi Oil Recipes for Hair

Pracaxi Oil Leave-in Conditioner Recipe



  • Measure the aloe vera gel into the cosmetic jar
  • Add in the pracaxi oil, pequi oil, and lavender essential oil
  • Stir with a clean spatula or small
  • After deep conditioning, apply generously as a leave-in conditioner before styling your hair

Pracaxi Oil Hair Detangler Recipe



  • In a clean bowl, add in the aloe vera gel and sea moss gel and whip with a clean fork.
  • Add in the aloe vera leaf juice, pracaxi oil and moringa oil and whip again.
  • Pour into the spray bottle through a clean funnel like this one and shake
  • To use, section damp hair and spray in generously then finger detangle.

Rainforest Chica Pracaxi Oil

Pracaxi Oil Blowout Oil Recipe



  • Pour all the oils into the bottle.
  • Close and shake thoroughly.
  • To use, apply a few drops to hand and spread through the hair with fingers before blowdrying or using a hair straightening brush or one-step hair styler.
  • If you’re wearing twists or cornrows under a wig, you can apply a few drops of pracaxi oil to your hair before twisting to lock the moisture in between treatments.

While some people use pracaxi oil as a pre-poo, I believe it works best as part of a treatment left on the hair for a few days at least.

This will ensure you get maximum benefits of the properties this oil enriches the hair with.

Got more questions about pracaxi oil? Ask in the comments section.

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