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15 Cupuacu Butter Products for Hair

Restore elasticity and improved texture not to mention easier styling with these best cupuacu butter products for dry and dull hair.

Cupuacu butter (theobroma grandiflorum) is found in the Amazon rainforest located in South America.

I featured cupuacu butter previously in the Benefits of Cupuacu Butter for Hair and shared recipes in that article.

Cupuacu butter is derived by pressing the seeds of the cupuacu tree. It’s a rich yellow color with a light texture.

Cupuacu butter is featured prominently in book 5 of the Healthy Hair Care Series, Natural Butters for Hair. Learn more HERE.

Is Cupuacu Butter Good for Hair?

Cupuacu butter is excellent for hair. It is moisturizing and nourishes dry and brittle hair.

It also promotes elasticity and works great on fine-textured hair with light density.

How Do You Use Cupuacu Butter for Hair?

Cupuacu butter is excellent for use as a hair sealing butter. Mix it with a little bit of oil and fragrance oil for a nice scent.

The kind of oil you add depends on your current hair needs.

For instance, if your hair is dry and damaged, you can add oils like babassu oil, camellia oil, grapeseed oil, and shea nut oil.

For fragrance, lavender essential oil and vanilla oil work wonders. You can check out raw cupuacu butter HERE.

In this article, I’ll be sharing 15 top cupuacu butter hair products for curly hair.

Healthy Hair Care Series Book 5

Healthy Hair Care Series Book 5 focuses on over 20 kinds of butters available for hair care and how to use them effectively for hair growth?

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Top 15 Cupuacu Butter Hair Products

1. Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme

This Aveda styling creme was formulated to nourish hair and control frizz. To be applied to freshly cleansed hair before blow-drying or air drying.

Apart from cupuacu butter, it contains shea butter, murumuru butter, aloe vera leaf juice, and glycerine. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

2. Bumble and bumble Bb. Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil

This product is an anti-frizz gel that combines the hold of a gel with the hydration of an oil.

Elongate and moisturize curls at the same. In addition to cupuacu butter, it also contains babassu oil and pracaxi oil.

The gel is free of parabens and mineral oils. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

3. DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Intense Moisture Treatment

In addition to cupuacu butter, this moisture treatment also contains murumuru butter and cocoa butter.

An intensive deep conditioning treatment formulated to hydrate curls and restore moisture to processed hair. It’s also cone-free. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

4. DevaCurl Beautiful Mess Curl Sculpting Pomade

This all in one sculpting pomade adds texture, volumizes, hydrates, strengthens and adds shine.

It also contains olive oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. The sculpting pomade is a bit pricey but a little at a time is all you need. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

5. Donna Marie Hair Whip Leave-In Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner is formulated to whip your hair into shape with cupuacu butter, apricot kernel oil, and coconut creme.

It provides shine and conditions without causing build-up or greasy hair.

It also contains my favorite ingredients for slip and shine – marshmallow root and slippery elm extract. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

6. Evolvh Smartcolor Protecting Shampoo

This innovative shampoo is great for color-treated hair. It prevents color fading and loss of shine.

Evolvh Smartcolor Protecting Shampoo is silicone-free and sulfate-free. It contains almond oil, kiwi seed oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil.

It also contains shea butter. It’s available in 8.5 fl oz but you can try the sample size of 2 oz initially. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

7. Klorane 3-in-1 Mask with Organic Cupuaçu Butter

I discovered Klorane on a trip to Switzerland. I was given a sample conditioner at the chalet I stayed at.

I loved the moisture and smooth feel it gave my hair after I tried it. It’s not on the cheap side so I’m stingy when I use it.

Klorane 3-in-1 Mask with Organic Cupuaçu Butter can be used in 3 ways –  as a rinse-out conditioner, an overnight mask, and leave-in cream.

It is formulated specifically for curly hair and it conditions and strengthens hair with keratin.

It also contains coconut oil and sunflower oil. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

8. Klorane Shampoo with Organic Cupuaçu Butter 

This shampoo gently cleanses, nourishes, and strengthens hair at the same time with improved moisture retention all around.

The shampoo is free from SLS, SLES, silicone, and parabens. Suitable for vegans and delivered in eco-friendly packaging.

It also contains coconut oil and sunflower seed oil. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

This shampoo has an equally effective conditioner, which you can find HERE

Partner the shampoo and conditioner with the 3 in 1 mask for heavenly hair treatment.

9. Label.M Thickening Conditioner  

Label.M Thickening Conditioner is suitable for all hair types and contains a unique NRG complexion and time-release technology.

It adds volume without weighing the hair down, replenishes, and aids in detangling.

Apart from cupuacu butter, it also contains jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, and aloe vera leaf juice. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

10. Nature Skin Shop Cupuacu Repairing Shampoo Bar  

cupuacu organic shampoo bar

This cupuacu butter shampoo bar is scented with relaxing and soothing lavender, rosemary, and lemons.

With cupuacu butter, provitamin B5 and botanical extracts, expect a softening and moisturizing experience with this shampoo bar.

The pleasant smell is also intensified with cranberries balanced with sun-sweetened figs. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

11. Oribe Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque 

Oribe Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque is a treat for curly hair.

Formulated to intensely hydrate dry hair and prevent breakage; leaving hair silky and strong.

Vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. It also contains murumuru butter, mango butter, illipe nut butter, and shea butter.

That’s 4 butters in one, which indicates this product will provide satisfactory results. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

The line also includes a Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler with the same nourishing ingredients. 

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12. Redken Clear Moisture Hydrating Conditioner

From the company that brought us, Redken Anti-Snap, this lightweight conditioner moisturizes as it detangles.

Apart from cupuacu butter, it also contains honey and argan oil. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

13. Tweak’d By Nature Dhatelo Restore Hair Treatment 

This hair treatment is an intensive conditioning formulation featuring Dhatelo oil.

Dhatelo oil is extracted from the ripe dried seeds of the Dhatelo shrub native to Nepal.

A 5-in-1 formula that cleanses, strengthens, conditions, detangles, softens, and moisturizes all at once.

In order to do all of the above, it contains quite a lot of ingredients apart from cupuacu butter.

Some good ingredients include shea butter, kokum butter, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. You can see the full ingredient list and decide if it’s for you HERE.

14. Sisters Body Nourishing Conditioner

This nourishing conditioner is formulated for all hair types and provides moisture to dry curls.

With the powerhouse of murumuru butter, cupuacu butter, and a personal favorite, camellia seed oil, it should deliver on its promise.

The conditioner also has a complementary balancing shampoo. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

15. Tweak’d Dhatelo Restore Self-Cleansing Hair Treatment 

This is a 7-in-1 treatment that’s supposed to act as a hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner, and shine enhancer.

It was formulated especially for dry, parched, and damaged hair. It also contains Dhatelo oil, shea butter, argan oil, and broccoli seed oil.

Usage is a two-step application. It’s expensive but if it replaces 3 – 4 products at once, it may well be worth the price. CHECK REVIEWS HERE.

I hope you found one or two suitable cupuacu butter hair products on this list to pique your interest in trying them out.

This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.


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