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Best Skincare Tips During Quarantine

With the current health climate turning the entire world upside down right now, you can’t be too careful when it comes to your skincare and makeup regimen.

Touching your face is one of the primary no-nos to guard against infection but you don’t have to stop applying foundation makeup.

However, you have to follow a specific set of safety rules to guard against getting infected.

Below are some of the best beauty and skincare tips for staying virus-free and preventing infections during this period:-

Hand Washing is Mandatory

Wash your hands before you apply makeup in the morning. Wash your hands before you remove makeup at night.

The video below explains how to wash your hands correctly.

Additionally, I would recommend removing any wrist ornaments before washing your hands and scrubbing under your fingernails.

Throw Out Makeup Sponges

If you haven’t already, replace your current make up sponges with the kind of sponges that can be washed with soap and water such as a blender sponge.

Some good blender sponge recommendations include HsyAryme Makeup Sponge Blender Set, which includes 5 pcs + a beauty sponge holder. 

HsyAryme Makeup Sponge Blender Set

Clean Make Up Brushes Every Few Days

Even if you’re the only one using the brushes, there can be a build-up of products and bacteria on them.

You can clean with soap and warm water. Better if you clean them daily.

You can clean brushes daily with brush cleanser spray, which cleans brushes in minutes.

Good recommendations include Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleanser, NYX Professional On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray and Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner Spray.

Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleanser

NYX Professional On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner Spray

Cleanse Face Twice a Day

Wash your face every morning and evening. You shouldn’t go to bed with everything from the day still on your face.

Follow up with the rest of your skincare regimen. If you have dry skin, consider trying out the oil cleansing method or a gentle cleanser like this one

Do Not Use Testers

Most retailers have closed anyway but the drug store brands are still available in-store.

Do not use testers. Touch is the easiest way for infections to spread.

Do not use makeup that has been used by someone else.

These safety tips will go a long way in helping to protect you against infections. The next article will share how to DIY hand sanitizer gel.

You can order the ingredients online and don’t have to go in-store to buy anything if you’re staying at home for the next few weeks.

Stay safe!

More safety tips from WHO, CDC, and Red Cross are below:-

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