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How to Get Into Shape Fast (Less Than 45 Minutes Everyday)

Here’s how to get into shape fast at any time and in less than 45 minutes every day too! In less than an hour every day, you can get rid of all that holiday food baggage.

After the over-indulgence that is the holidays, everyone always starts the year with more cushioning than necessary around the waist (including me).

I binge eat exactly three times a year – my birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Since those three events are close together, I always regret at leisure in January :).

However, a few years ago, I started a work out program that always kicks me back into shape by February every year.

This year is no different and the results prompted me to write this article. 

Get Into Shape Fast With These Fitness Program and Tips

What if I told you you can get into the best shape of your life working out only 30 – 45 minutes every day on a moderate diet that’s well laid out for you?

While getting fit and staying fit is a long-term activity, you can use these programs to jump-start a lifelong fitness habit irrespective of your age.

Now that’s it’s cold and you’ve got yourself hidden away under piles of clothing (at least I am because I’m one of those people that’s always cold), this is the best time to whip that body into shape before summer comes around :).

Get into Shape Fast With Beachbody

So, what is this awesome workout program? It’s not that big of a secret actually. It’s none other than the popular Beachbody workout programs.

Beachbody is a provider of home fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs that are guaranteed to deliver results if you follow through with the program.

I discovered Beachbody programs in 2011 after I couldn’t get into my favorite pair of jeans.

I was extremely overworked and simply didn’t notice the weight creep up on me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time back then and really needed something I could get through quickly in the morning or evening.

My research led me to the Insanity Program by Shaun T. The program is high intensity but the results after 60 days were impressive.

I subsequently became a big fan of Beachbody programs. Read Beachbody Focus T25 Review. Progress pics included.

Recently, Beachbody launched Beachbody on Demand, which gives you unlimited access to over 600 workouts right in your living room.

The program also includes fitness guides, meal plans, recipes, calendars, trackers, group challenges, and personal coach support.

How to Choose the Right Workout Program for You

How to Choose the Right Workout Program for You

I jumped right into Insanity back then because I’m a former competitive athlete and I’m used to high-intensity training.

However, it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at, there’s a Beachbody program that’s just right for you.

Based on my experience, below are my recommendations for fitness levels from beginner to expert.

The workout programs with an asterisk are the ones I’ve been through. I also do a hybrid of 1 – 2 workouts at a time, which isn’t included below:-

Best Beginner Workouts

  • Beachbody Yoga Studio – 10 – 90 minutes individual workouts
  • Clean Week – 30 minutes/day
  • Country Heat – 30 minutes/day
  • Double Time – 18 – 32 minutes/day
  • Yoga Retreat – 10 – 30 minutes/day
  • Hip Hop Abs – 30 minutes/day*

Best Beginner – Intermediate Workouts

  • Active Maternity – 25 – 35 minutes/day (Great for pre and post-pregnancy)
  • A Little Obsessed – 30 minutes/day
  • Brazil Butt Lift – 10 – 50 minutes/day*
  • Cize – 30 – 50 minutes/day*
  • Shift Shop – 25 – 50 minutes/day
  • 21 Day Fix – 10 – 30 minutes/day*
  • PiYo – 13 – 45 minutes/day
  • P90 – 45 – 60 minutes/day* 

Best Intermediate – Advanced Workouts

  • Focus T25 – 25 minutes/day*
  • 80 Day Obsession – 30 – 60 minutes/day
  • Shaun Week: Insane Focus – 27 – 43 minutes/day
  • Body Beast – 11 – 56 minutes/day*
  • P90X3 – 30 minutes/day*
  • Turbo Fire – 10 – 55 minutes/day*

Best Advanced Workouts

  • Chalean Extreme – *
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme – 10 – 30 minutes/day*
  • Insanity Max 30 – 30 minutes/day*
  • Insanity – * 30 – 45 minutes/day
  • P90X – * 45 minutes/day

Whatever your fitness goals are – lose weight, build muscle, a flatter stomach, or firmer behind, there’s a Beachbody program suited for you.

Don’t let the buzzwords in fitness like HIIT (high-intensity interval training) confuse you.

You can research each program before you choose the one best suited to you and proceed.

What’s more, they can be done in your living room because you need limited space and equipment for it.

If you can’t decide on a program, joining Beachbody on Demand can be very helpful. What’s not to love?

Try Beachbody on Demand risk-free for 30 days HERE

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Top 11 Tips to Help You Succeed With Home Workout Programs

While home workout programs are fast and efficient, it’s not always easy to succeed.

I’ve compiled my top 11 tips for starting, staying the course, and getting to your fitness goals no matter your fitness level below:-

1. Clear Out the Fridge

Get rid of all the crap in your fridge and cupboards. The enemies of achieving your goals – soda, sweets, chips, cookies, etc.

If you can’t live without the soda, switch to flavored water. Read 4 Ways to Combat Soda & Sweet Cravings the Healthy Way for a Better Body.

2. Start Meal Planning

Plan your meals properly and prepare as much in advance as you can. Trying to work out what to eat on the go is going to lead to failure.

An excellent meal planning resource with detailed eating plans that you can adapt accordingly includes JetFuel Meals.

Jet Fuel Meals have meal plans for different lifestyles including Keto, vegetarian, pescatarian, and plant-based plus 10% off. Try it out HERE.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drink water. A lot of water. I started drinking gallons of water in my teens and never stopped. Every day, I drink almost 3 liters of water. Sometimes more.

If you wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, you’re drinking it wrong. Always have a bottle handy and seep throughout the day.

For more on getting water into your day, read How Water Helps With Weight Loss.

4. Engage Visual Motivation

Print out your fitness inspiration and place it on your fridge. Mine is Pilar Sanders and I was chuffed to bits when she started following me on Instagram.

5. Find an Accountability Partner

If you have a real problem staying motivated, find a workout partner but ensure your agenda matches before you get into this arrangement.

If you can’t find a workout partner, Beachbody on Demand subscription includes a free Team Beachbody Coach for support, motivation and to help you stay on track with your goals. 

6. Take Pre and Post Pictures

Take progress pictures at the beginning and during the workout program.

Progress pictures can be a huge motivator. I take progress pictures every 2 weeks whenever I’m on a sculpting workout regimen.

Top 11 Tips to Help You Succeed With Home Workout Programs

7. Ignore the Scale

Throw away your scale. I don’t remember the last time I climbed on a scale that didn’t have something to do with a hospital check-up.

Weighing yourself constantly will make you crazy. Results can also be misleading.

If you’re working out to gain muscle, you’re not exactly going to weigh less even though you’re getting fitter.

Progress pictures and being able to fit into clothes should be a good enough judge of how well you’re doing.

8. Get the Right Work Out Clothes

Find workout clothes that make you look sexy and hot while working out. Trust me, they are a huge motivator.

Nike and Adidas are my go-to places for my workout outfits. You don’t need to spend a truckload of money on this either.

You can find some pretty nice outfits at the outlet mall, during warehouse sales, or during popular shopping events like Black Friday.

9. One Day at a Time

Take it one day at a time. You may want to look like the people in the videos but you are not these people.

They have years of fitness experience behind them and you may not so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep the pace.

Allow yourself one workout day at a time.

10. Squash Your Fears

Don’t be scared if you can’t keep up with the people in the videos.

There’s always one person doing a less intensive version of every move so you can follow that person. 

And remember, even the people in the videos get short-winded sometimes and have to pause a bit to catch their breath.

11. Ignore the Naysayers

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done because you have kids, you’re busy or you’re a certain age (I’m in my late 30s).

It’s possible to be fit at every age and you don’t need a retinue of special fitness trainers to achieve it.

Read 11 Stunning Super Fit Women for Inspiration on Your Fitness Journey. 

You can stream Beachbody on Demand programs across a variety of devices too and not just your TV.

You also get access to exclusive workout videos available only through the program like Shaun Week.

The best thing about the Beachbody on Demand program is you can choose between several subscription plans starting at less than $20/month.

That’s less than you spend on coffee in a week. Don’t you think your body deserves the best?

Learn more about their plans and how to sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial HERE.

Beachbody on Demand is currently available only in Canada, the UK, Puerto Rico and the US.

If you live elsewhere, you can still order their best-selling individual workout programs


If you have any questions before you subscribe, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here’s to building your best body this year!

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