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Reader Question: Where Can I Find the Right Kind of Burdock Oil?

Today’s question is from a reader in Canada about burdock oil for hair growth. I answer reader questions every few weeks on the blog.

You can check previous reader questions and ask your own questions over in the Ask Abi Archives.

burdock oil for hair growth

Hi Abi! I live in Canada and I have been having the most difficult time finding burdock root oil. Do you know of any reputable online retailers? I happened upon a burdock oil tincture; however; it has alcohol, which I don’t believe is good for the hair. Thank you. – O.

Where to Buy Burdock Oil?

If you live in Canada you should be able to get access to burdock oil easily on Amazon or iHerb (worldwide shipping).

I recommend the following brands of burdock root oil:-

Florona Burdock Root Oil

Florona Burdock Root Oil


PhytoLab Burdock Oil

Aromatika Burdock Root Oil

Regarding using burdock oil tincture on hair and scalp, let’s break down tinctures and liquid extracts.

What is the Difference Between a Tincture and Extract?

Technically, they are the same thing as they are made by infusing the burdock root in either vegetable glycerine or alcohol.

What makes them different, however, is the amount of alcohol used in the infusion.

In the liquid extract, equal proportions of the herb and alcohol/vegetable glycerin are used (usually 1:1).

In the tincture, a higher amount of alcohol/vegetable glycerine is used compared to the herbs (usually 3:1).

You can get the benefits of burdock root by consuming the tinctures and/or adding it to tea (the taste and smell aren’t too great by the way).

However, using it on hair if it has alcohol may not be a good idea as it could dry out your hair and scalp.

Alcohol-free burdock extract though should be fine for hair. An example of alcohol-free burdock extract is Nature’s Answer Burdock Root Extract.

burdock-root-oil-for-hair-growthNature’s Answer Burdock Extract

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