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What to Look for When Choosing a Blender for Your Smoothies

Here’s what to look out for when you’re trying to choose a blender for your smoothies plus the 11 best blenders for daily use. 

I’ve had my blender for a few years but it doesn’t work well with frozen fruit. I have to defrost it slightly in the microwave before the blender works effectively.

Additionally, it has a tendency to stop and restart mid-blending while giving off a smoky smell.

11 Best Blenders for Daily Smoothies

As I’ve been drinking more smoothies and incorporating a lot of natural ingredients in my diet since I began my fitness challenge, I decided it’s time to upgrade my blender. 

Picking one, however, turned out to be quite a challenge and confusing as there are just so many brands out there.

Subsequently, I narrowed the requirement list to the following.

8 Things to Look Out For Before Purchasing a Blender

1. Built for Longevity

I’m not keen on changing appliances at all. I prefer to buy the right appliance at whatever cost and continue using it until it stops working.

How do you identify a blender that’s built for longevity? Check the features and the reviews plus I’ve made some top recommendations below. 

2. Durability

A good blender should be able to withstand use a few times a day or at least once a day.

Apart from my smoothies, I make pesto, sauces, soups, etc for my evening meals several times a week so the blender needs to accommodate repeated use.

A durable blender has a high pwer capacity starting from around 800 watts and going up from there. 

3. Large Pitcher

My previous blender had a medium-sized pitcher, which could be annoying sometimes when I had a large batch of things to blend.

Go for a blender with a large pitcher so you can make enough for breakfast and maybe also take one on the go.

Or if you’re making things to freeze for later, you want to get it done in one go.

If you’re a family, you definitely want a blender with a large pitcher like the Ninja or Vitamix. 

4. Budget-friendly

While I’m okay to invest in the right blender if it has all the qualities I want, I certainly will not be breaking the bank for one.

Having said that budget-friendly is relative. What you consider expensive might be budget-friendly to someone else so choose according to your wallet and needs.

5. Easy to Store

I’m not trying to buy a blender the size of Godzilla. Appliances like this take up a significant portion of a kitchen counter space.

Go for a blender that doesn’t take up too much counter space and if it does, you should have the space in your cupboards or on your shelf to pack it on once you finish using it. 

6. Multifunctional Capabilities

Multifunctional with various speed and blending functions. Not just start and stop like my previous blender.

7. Cleaning

No one wants a hand wash blender. That’s a bit of a nightmare. A good blender should be mostly dishwasher safe.

If it has self-cleaning capabilities as an additional function, that also works. 

8. Noise Level

While a blender cannot be completely quiet due to its very nature, it shouldn’t be loud enough to wake the neighborhood.

Reasonable noise levels work best. There are also some blenders that are designed for low noise levels. 

Once I applied these requirements to my search, I narrowed things down to the 11 below based on size, additional components, price point, and reviews from previous buyers.

11 Best Blenders for Daily Smoothies

11. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender (Under $45)


Hamilton Beach is a popular manufacturer of a wide range of budget-friendly home appliances.

This blender and chopper in 1 feature a wave action system that continuously pulls mixes down towards the blade for smooth results.

It also features 12 blending functions and a 40 oz glass jar. LEARN MORE HERE.

10. Magic Bullet Blender (Under $40) 

Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet is not just a smoothie blender. It makes sauces, dips, and much more. It comes with an assortment of equipment for your convenience.

Magic Bullet includes 1 tall cup, 1 short cup, 1 party mug, 2 lip rings, 2 resealable lids, 1 to-go lid, and a recipe guide.

Best of all, it comes with a very budget-friendly price tag. LEARN MORE HERE.

9. KitchenAid® K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender (Under $100) 

KitchenAid® K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender

The KitchenAid® K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender crushes ice in less than 10 seconds. It’s equipped with 3-speed settings with an ice crush setting.

The blender also features Intelli-Speed motor control which automatically blends at optimal speeds based on blender contents.

It comes with a 48 oz jar. A 6 oz small batch jar and 16 oz personal blender jar are available separately. LEARN MORE HERE.

8. COSORI C700 PRO Smoothie Blender (Under $100)

COSORI C700-PRO Smoothie-Blender

The COSORI C700 PRO Smoothie Blender features a powerful 1,500 watt motor for optimal performance. Expect it to chop, process, and blend with ease.

It comes with a huge 70 oz pitcher and a 24 oz travel bottle with to-go lids plus a recipe book developed by COSORI chefs.

The rotary knobs let’s you use between high and medium speeds even mid-blending. It also includes a pulse and soup function. LEARN MORE HERE.

7. Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender (Under $100) 

Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

This Cusinart blender is compact yet delivers on performance. The blender features a 32 oz jar, 2 16 oz travel cups with lock-lid and an 8 oz chopper cup.

It has 3 dial controls for pulse, low and high. This blender is ideal if you have a smaller apartment. LEARN MORE HERE.

6. Oster Versa Professional Performance Blender (Under $200)

Oster VERSA BLSTVB-RV0-000 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender with Jar and Cookbooks

The Oster Versa Blender has a powerful 1400W motor and a massive 64 oz jar. It comes with 3 programmed settings for smoothies, dips/spreads, and soups plus a variable speed dial.

The blender also includes 2 color cookbooks for some inspiration. LEARN MORE HERE.

5. Ninja Professional Blender (Under $120)

Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja professional blender is equipped with 2 Nutri Ninja Cups, 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions.

It provides a lot of the power of the recommendations below but without the price tag. The jug has a massive 72 oz capacity.

The jugs come with to-go lids and the box includes a recipe inspiration guide. LEARN MORE HERE.

4. Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender (Under $200)


The Breville Fresh and Furious Blender is equipped with 9 one-touch programs and 5-speed settings for instant smoothies.

It crushes and chops to turn ice into snow,  and folds and aerates for super creamy smoothies and soups! The package also includes a unique ring pull design.

This ring pull ensures the lid is easy to remove yet sealed tight during operation. LEARN MORE HERE.

3. NutriBullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition (Under $150)

NutriBullet 1000 Watt Prime Edition

The NutriBullet is big on power but doesn’t take up that much counter space. It effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods, shakes, smoothies, seeds, and more.

This prime edition comes with a 1000-watt motor with an auto shut-off feature. This Nutribullet includes a:-

  • 28 oz insulated stainless steel cup with vessel grip for on-the-go mixes (keeps drinks cold for up to 8 hours).
  • 32oz cup with handle
  • 32oz cup with vessel grip
  • Extractor blade
  • 2 comfort lip rings and 2 flip-top lids

It also includes a comprehensive recipe book. This is definitely the little blender that could. LEARN MORE HERE.

2. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender (Under $400) 

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

The Blendtec is a high-quality blender equipped with a patented technology that pulls ingredients toward the blade, instead of spinning around in a circle.

The blend settings are automatic allowing you to walk away while operating.

Additionally, you don’t need to pre-chop ingredients. The blades are 10 times stronger than other blender blades.

The range also comes in a variety of bright colors. LEARN MORE HERE.

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender (Under $600)


Vitamix is one of the most popular smoothie blenders on the market. It is the blender of all blenders.

The Vitamix can whip just about anything into a smooth, creamy, and deliciously frothy drink.

While the Vitamin is quite pricey, it’s worth the investment as it’s built to last for years. 

The Professional Series 750 Blender boasts 5 pre-programmed settings, variable speed control, and a pulse feature with an extra-long cord.

The Vitamix also comes with a cookbook. LEARN MORE HERE.

Best Blender Summary

All the recommendations above are excellent and whichever one you choose depends on your budget and how large a capacity you want in the blender jug.

Smoothie Recipe Ideas

For smoothie recipe ideas, check out the previous articles below:-

Have you purchased and used any of the above blenders? What’s your feedback? Would you recommend another brand apart from those above?

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