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Lupita Nyong’o Slays with a TWA at the 2016 Tony Awards

Lupita Nyong’o totally slays with a TWA (teeny weeny afro) and wearing an amazing dress at the Tony Awards.

The 2016 Tony Awards (Broadway’s version of the Oscars) took place on Sunday in the US. There were a lot of excellent looks but two stood out to me.

 I’m putting them in two separate posts because the looks are completely different. 

Lupita Nyong’o first came on to my radar when I saw her in 12 Years a Slave.

Her acting was incredible and she was so beautiful. Over the years, she has worn her hair in several different styles.

Sometimes it’s a miss but overall, it’s mostly hits and she didn’t disappoint at this year’s Tony Awards.

Her TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) and lovely floor length off the shoulder floral dress by Jason Wu for Hugo Boss were just perfect. Check out the picture below:


A video posted by Lupita Nyong’o (@lupitanyongo) on

She really makes me want to lob off my tresses and try out a TWA then I remember I had short hair as a kid and it made me look like a skinny little boy. Lol. Kudos to all the ladies that can pull off a TWA.

Pictures & video from Lupita Nyong’o Instagram.

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