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Ultimate Flat Twist Out Tutorial for Curly Hair

I’m always on the look out for a great YouTube tutorial that simplifies a style and makes it easy to understand. If you’re a style challenged natural, this video shows a very easy way to achieve a twist out.

Ultimate Flat Twist Out Step by Step Tutorial

The closest I’ve ever come to a defined twist out was a few years ago and it was an unintended fluke. Pic below:


A flat twist out is a slight variation of the popular twist out. Instead of individual plaits, the hair is parted into sections and then each section is corn rowed in a flat style.

Then the ends are plaited or twisted. MiniMarley achieves this awesome flat twist with just four items:

You can also substitute the conditioner with something else that is your favourite or you think will work better with your hair. Just make sure the ingredients are similar. 

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