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How to Avoid a Disaster at Natural Hair Salons

I went natural in 2009 after a terrible experience at a place that was supposed to be a “premier” salon in my area.

The lady relaxed my hair, which didn’t take, then proceeded to blow dry and flat-iron my hair to within an inch of its life.

I should have stopped her but she had “over 20 years” experience and was “highly sought after” so I figured she knew what she was doing.

5 Ways to Avoid a Disaster at a Natural Hair Salon

By the time she was done, I had an almighty headache that lasted all day. The after-effects of that treatment lasted much longer though.

I woke up for weeks afterward with handfuls of hair all over my pillows. Below is what my ponytail looked like by the time the shedding was done.

You can see I’ve also lost a significant amount of nape hair. That area was almost bald!


I decided I’d had enough of salons and would no longer be relaxing or letting stylists near my head.

I had no idea what I was doing back then but I learned and over the years, I have become my own hairdresser.

I’m currently in braids and have been considering going to a salon for a wash, condition, and flat-iron for the first time since 2009 then I came across this scary story on Fusion.

A woman with natural hair went into a salon for a blowout and they snuck relaxer into her shampoo without informing her.

A few days later when she washed her hair, her curl pattern was no longer visible.

That’s a lot of hard work down the drain. The lady that this happened to posted below on her Facebook page:

The salon has posted a disclaimer on their Facebook page saying they do not add relaxers to their shampoo.

Nevertheless, this story is another reminder to figure out your hair on your own and learn how to take care of it.

If you really don’t have the time and have to go into a natural hair salon, here are 5 tips you should follow to avoid a disaster like above.

5 Tips for Avoiding a Disaster at a Natural Hair Salon

1. Research Properly

Do your homework and make sure it’s a place that comes highly recommended.

2. Read Reviews

Find some of their customers and talk to them about their experience; get a feel of the type of customer service they provide and if they listen to their customers.

Check them out online. Look through their Google reviews, both the good and the bad. If they have a Yelp page, check that out too before you make a decision.

3. Be Clear at the Salon

When you go in, make it perfectly clear that you are not interested in altering your curl pattern or looking for permanently straight hair solutions before they initiate any treatments on your hair.

4. Take Your Products With You

Go in with your own hair products and make sure that’s what they’re applying to your hair. Do not take a nap while your hair is being done.

5. Face the Mirror

Make sure you are facing the mirror the entire time so you can see what’s been applied to your hair. If your chair is turned away, insist on facing the mirror instead.

I get my braids done by a specific stylist at the same salon I’ve been going to for the last 6 years. She knows I’m particular (crazy) about my hair.

I will not be straightening or relaxing it under any circumstances and I just want my braids put in without any side comments. The relationship is magical.

I also go in with my own wide-tooth combs, shea butter, and hair clamps so nobody gets any ideas about sticking a tail comb in my hair.

By the way, below is a pic of how my bun looks like these days: 


Do you have any other tips for avoiding a disaster at hair salons? Share in the comments section and I’ll update the list.

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Claudette UK

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

That's why I do my hair at home and make my own shea butter mix to Naptural86's recipe. In the salon they comb your hair like they have a vendetta against it. Your scalp is burning from either the overly agressive combing or they've burnt you with the pressing comb and they have the cheek to smile when you jump because you can feel the heat of the comb. I no longer press my hair. I love the texture and I trust no one except myself to style or wash it.

Natural Oils for Hair & Health

Thursday 16th of June 2016

Ikr. It doesn't matter how thick or long or curly your hair is, they are obsessed with digging that tiny tail comb in there and fighting your hair with it. That's why it's very important for curly haired ladies to learn how to care for their hair themselves. No one can be as gentle with it as you can.


Friday 10th of June 2016

I remember this story. It was scary reading that. How can you just relax someone's hair without their permission. I would have sued the salon, the stylist and everyone sueable!

Natural Oils for Hair & Health

Thursday 16th of June 2016

Very scary indeed.